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Copyright - Using Third-Party Content: STEP 2. Create your Attribution

Basic Attribution Layouts

Here is the standard text and basic layout for each of the five main types of attribution.  

  • Replace the text in brackets [ ] with the relevant information from your third party material.  
  • Underlining indicates that text should be hyperlinked to its source.
  • For more examples, see the Attribution Examples box below.


Material owned by South Metropolitan TAFE:

© South Metropolitan TAFE, [Year].


Material copied with permission of the copyright owner:

© Reproduced and made available for copying and communication by South Metropolitan TAFE for its educational purposes by [copyright owner].


Material copied under Creative Commons (content unchanged):

[Title of Work] by [Owner] is licenced under [Version of CC Licence [URL]. [CC Logo]


Material copied under Creative Commons (content amended - derivative works):

This work [“Title of Derivative Work”] is a derivative of [“Title of Original Work)”] by [Owner of Original Work].  [“Title of  Derivative Work”] is licenced under CC BY SA [Version of CC Licence [URL] by [Owner of Derivative Work]. [CC Logo]


Material from the Library Licenced Databases:

No attribution required where a link to the original is provided.  You may link to the entire item (article, ejournal, ebook).  If uploading to eCampus, you must use Statutory Licence VB and limit to 10%.


Material copied under Statutory Licences VA (television and radio - off air recording) or VB (text and images):
Note: Use the APA reference format for third party content.

      Copied under Part VA of the Copyright Act 1968.
      Producer Surname, Initial. (Producers). ([Year]). Title. Place of production: Network.

      Copied under Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968.
      Author Surname, Initial. ([Year]). Title. Place of publication: Publisher.

Attribution Examples by Licence Type

More Examples of Attribution Layouts