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Copyright - Using Third-Party Content: STEP 1. Decide Which Licence to Use

Copyright Ownership Flowchart


This work, "What licence should I use?", is a derivative of "Attributions Within Course Material"by WestOne
"What licence should I use?" is licensed under
 CC BY SA 3.0 AU by South Metropolitan TAFE.

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What is a Licence?

A licence is simply something that authorises, or gives permission.

In copyright terms, a licence refers to the type of authorisation or permission that you are relying on to make a legal copy of the material.

There are a number of different licences (or ways that you can be authorised) to make a copy of material in which the copyright belongs to someone else.

Use the flow chart below to work out which licence you will need to use.  See  More Information about Licences to learn more about each one.

Licence Flow Chart

You can also see our Copyright Ownership Flowchart as a PDF document.