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Copyright - Using Third-Party Content: More about Linking to Library eResources

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Why use library databases?

Third Party Content - The Easy Way

One of the easist ways to provide your students with access to appropriate information, without the need for complex copyright attributions and notices, is to look to the electronic information resources available via the SMTAFE Library Website. There you will find that you have access to a wide range of electronic material, including ebooks, ejournals and various databases.    You can even search the databases and Library catalogue all at once, using our SuperSearch tool.

Linking from eCampus to ebooks and ejournal articles in the Library's electronic information resources is a quick and easy way to provide your students with access to weekly or recommended class readings.  You can link directly from your eCampus course to the item.  The URL of any item from the Library databases will automatically include the Library's authentication process.  You don't need to do anything except copy the URL and paste the link into your eCampus course.

PROVIDED that you LINK (by URL) to the electronic information resource,  rather than create another copy (by downloading or creating a PDF), you can link to any number of the Library's electronic information resources at once.  You don't have to worry about the normal copyright restrictions, because you aren't making any copies.


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Need some assistance to find information in the Library's electronic information resources? Contact the Library Team.

Not sure about how to add the links to your eCampus course?  Contact the eLearning Team.