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North Metropolitan TAFE Library: Information for Staff

Library Information for Staff

All staff currently employed at North Metropolitan TAFE are able to utilise all our Libraries. This membership allows you to borrow books, DVDs, CDs, and journals and access databases, streaming videos and ebooks. You can log in to SuperSearch (the Library Catalogue) by using your staff number (500....) plus your network password to place holds on items and renew your loans. You can also access electronic resources from off-campus by logging in.

Library Services

Help for staff:

Creating subject guides


APA Referencing

Sourcing articles 

Locating/purchasing books, ebooks, dvds, streaming videos

Researching topics 

Special projects and events

Classes for your students:


Research skills

APA Referencing

Study skills


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Work at Home Software

Australian Standards

The College has an agreement with SAI Global which allows lecturers to print multiple copies of any Australian Standard via our off site printers, Litsupport or Scott Print.  You can make these copies available to your students on a cost recovery basis.

Follow the College process by filling out the order form on the Intranet and attaching a copy of the standard with the emailed order.

To Locate the Standard

  1. Access the SAI Global database via the Online Resources tab above.
  2. Locate the required Standard (search by number or keyword).
  3. Click on the View Document link.
  4. Click on the Open Document button.
  5. If the Open Document button does not appear for your Standard try again later as we only have a license for 3 consecutive users.
  6. Save the document to your local server location.
  7. Log out of SAI Global database (click on Subscription Logout in bottom left corner).

Please note:

In accordance with our agreement with SAI Global, please ensure that old versions of standards (if they exist) are destroyed by placing them in a secure Recycle Bin.

The downloaded Australian Standard will only be available on your local server for 48 hours. After that time you will need to download it again.

The SAI Global license requires that copies of the printed Standard should be supplied to students at cost recovery only. Standards are for the use of North Metropolitan TAFE students only.

If you require any information or support please contact your Campus Librarian.