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South Metropolitan TAFE : Library Service: Library Services for Staff

Welcome to the South Metropolitan TAFE Library


The Library Service offers a range of information literacy and orientation sessions for your students.   

Information Literacy sessions can be conducted at most campuses on topics such as:

·         Referencing

·         Using the Online Resources

·         Using the Subject Guides

Library Orientation sessions are conducted at the beginning of each term, generally in the Library, and may be booked by Lecturers during class time. 

Please contact your local campus Library for more information about in-class information literacy and orientation sessions.


We value your input in suggesting new resources for the Library.  The expertise of lecturing staff is a critical element of building our collections.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to request new resources for the collection, particularly if you need new books for your course.  The lead time for adding new material to the Library collections can be long (up to six to eight weeks in some cases).   

Please contact your local Campus Library for information about how to request new library resources or to request a specific title. 

Need some help to discover new resources for your subject area?  Talk to your Campus Librarian who will be happy to research your subject.  They may provide you with a list of materials for consideration.



Alexander Street Press Videos


Informit EduTV makes it easy for lecturers and students to find and watch relevant television content instantly. The database includes over 20,000 free-to-air and Foxtel programs including documentaries, drama and series. Informit EduTV is an essential resource for teaching and learning. The streaming technology combined with powerful search, sharing and storage functionality make this the perfect tool for integrating multimedia in the education sector. 

EduTV programs can be easily integrated into your eCampus/Moodle course and has fully autheticated access.


Kanopy is an on-demand online video service for educational institutions that provides students and faculty access to many films. Kanopy provides students access to one of the largest collections of films in the world – including award-winning documentaries, training films and theatrical releases – on every topic imaginable.

Kanopy programs can be easily integrated into your eCampus/Moodle course and has fully autheticated access.

Safetycare Safetyhub

Safetycare produces Occupational Health and Safety DVDs and videos and these are streamed online via the Safetyhub interface.  

Safetyhub programs can be easily integrated into your eCampus/Moodle course and has fully autheticated access.


ClickView is a collection of online digital videos that can be accessed on- and off-campus, and can be incorporated into eCampus/Moodle courses and PowerPoint presentations. 


The Library Service now has two methods of capturing television programmes shown on free-to-air channels.


EduTV is a database of over 20,000 recorded titles from free-to-air and pay tv channels. Titles are streamed directly from the EduTV website or they can be added to eCampus/Moodle.  There is no need to request programs be added to EduTV.

Can't find a program you have seen?  Contact the Clickview Administrator with the Title, Series, Channel, Day, Date and Time.


Recordings can be made of free-to-air television programs which have been shown in the previous 28 days, with the exception of One HD (previous 16 days), GEM (previous 20 days) and 7Mate (previous 18 days). We record 12 free-to-air channels 21 hours per day (from 6.00am through to the following 3.00am).  Please contact the Clickview Administrator if you need more information about specific channels.

Completed recordings will be available to view online via ClickView, and can be shown on campus or utilised in your eCampus/Moodle course. 

To request the recording of a free-to-air television program contact the Clickview Administrator with the Title, Series, Channel, Day, Date and Time.


Sharing quality information resources with your students is an important part of the teaching and learning experience, but what if the copyright of that resource is owned by somebody else? 

In order to comply with your responsibilities under the Copyright Act, you need to understand the requirements of the Act in an educational institution, and to label (attribute) resources correctly. 

Copyright at SMTAFE

Use our Copyright Guide to work out what you can copy, and how to correctly attribute your third-party content. 

Do you have a Copyright query? Email  for help

Copyright Training

Check the Learning Development Unit calendar for upcoming training sessions, or speak to your Campus Librarian. 


Scholarship@SMT is an innovation of the Higher Education Research and Scholarship Committee.  It exists to provide a mechanism to encourage scholarly research and writing in the South Metropolitan TAFE Higher Education academic community.

Papers submitted to Scholarship@SMT are internally reviewed by South Metropolitan TAFE academic and other staff, and constructive feedback provided to the authors.  Once finalised, the papers are then submitted to the Higher Education Research and Scholarship Committee for approval, prior to publication to this site.

South Metropolitan TAFE Staff

South Metropolitan TAFE  staff members can apply to become Library members. Contact your Campus Library for information on how to become a member. A Library card will be created for you upon your enrolment in the Library system.