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North Metropolitan TAFE: DIY- I Need Help Searching Menu: What do I do when I'm not sure where to search?

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What do I do when I'm not sure where to search?

    Here are some strategies to try if you're not sure where to start searching:

  • Read through your learning plan again. Look for language such as 'instructions', 'assessment tool', 'assessment summary' (usually comes after 'critical aspects of evidence'). 
  • Think of the kinds of information that may be required: if very current information is needed in your assessment, think journal and newspaper articles, industry newsletters, etc. 
  • If you are asked to show evidence of in-depth coverage of a subject, think books and/or documents from reputable websites. If comparative or contrasting information is required, think statistics.
  • If analytical or evaluative information is required, think articles from people in the industry and reputable blogs.
  • Check out the information on our Assignment Help guide.
  • If you are still stuck, ask your lecturer to clarify the assessment.

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