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North Metropolitan TAFE: DIY- I Need Help With Completing My Assessments Menu: I need to find good sources on the web

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I need to find good sources on the Web


If you want to find good stuff on the Web, try these suggestions:

  • Read your assessment task thoroughly. What are you being asked to do? Be guided by specific instructions: 'find two definitions of networking on the web' or 'research marketing plans for local councils'.
  • If you are doing general background research for a topic, look for websites ending with .edu and .gov over .com. This is not a rigid rule - sometimes you'll find great material on a commercial site.
  • Once you've decided to use information from a website, subject it to the C.R.A.P. test! That's currency, reliability, authority, and purpose/point of view. Here is a good video clip that explains this kind of 'quality control'.
  • Another technique is to find an author whose work has been recommended by your lecturer. If that author has published a paper or article, check out the bibliography (reference list) to see where they get their information.
  • Some industry websites and professional associations may also have excellent information and resources. An example is the Design Institute of Australia (DIA). Their website has a 'Resources' section, as well as 'Websites of interest', articles, and news.
  • Look for a subject guide on your topic. To make finding relevant sources easier, librarians have put together subject guides containing books, websites, articles, media and newsfeeds.

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