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North Metropolitan TAFE: DIY- I Need To Find a Specific Item Menu: I need a specific book

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I need a specific book


You use Supersearch to find items in the library collections:

  • To find a specific book quickly, you will need to know either the author's name or the title of the book.
  • Below is a screenshot of the catalogue search screen (simple search):


  • Go to the Advanced Search box when you want to search a particular field - such as author, title, or subject.


  • If you know words from the title, type them in the Title box. You can further refine the search by selecting contains, is (exact), or starts with.
  • If you know the Author's name, use the Author search. Word order does not matter (e.g. John Foster and Foster John will both work).
  • Search for a Subject in the same manner (contains your search word, is exactly your search word, or starts with your search word).

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