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Important Notice

NMT has recently undertaken a major system merger and we have experienced some technical issues as a result. If some of the links on this guide are not working, we apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we work towards rectifying this matter.

Welcome to Your One Stop Shop for Education Resources

Please explore all the tabs and investigate the information we have collated for you. You should also find our Children's Services guide useful.

Remember that you can come to your Library and get assistance from the staff if you need it.


Most NMT Libraries have equipment that students can borrow; either for a two hour loan or for a longer period. This includes portable chargers for your phone or other devices, Chromebooks, netbooks or laptops, video cameras, still cameras and tripods. Some items of equipment can be booked in advance. Check with your home campus library to see what is available.


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