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Environmental Monitoring & Technology: Job Roles

Job roles in environmental and related fields


Title What do they do? Where are they employed?
Environmental Assessors

Environmental assessors conduct environmental assessments, audits and monitoring services as well as develop, implement and advise on policies and plans for managing and protecting the environment, flora, fauna and other natural resource.

Department of Mines & Petroleum

Department of Environment & Conservation

Environmental Health Officers

Environmental health officers monitor and enforce public health and safety regulations. They carry out inspections at locations where food is kept to ensure that it is handled and stored in a safe and hygienic manner. 

They also test drinking water and monitor the quality of water in lakes, rivers, dams and pools to ensure there is no harmful bacteria present.

Department of Health

Department of Environment & Conservation

Development Officers

Officers work with groups of farmers, rural communities, local government and agribusiness to develop and implement strategies for sustainable farm and catchment management.

Department of Agriculture & Food


Environmental Jobs Network

The Environmental Jobs Network is a national not-for-profit organisation providing a range of services for people seeking education and employment in the environment sector. More than just a job-listing service, here you will find career profiles, networks and websites, and many useful publications. Click on the links below to visit the website: