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Environmental Monitoring & Technology: Volunteering

Green Volunteers

Illawarra Youth Landcare - Connecting young people with the environment

Be inspired!

This short documentary film captures the stories of young volunteers who give their time to contribute to environmental restoration projects in the Illawarra region of NSW, Australia and beyond.

It is a journey of what drives young volunteers to donate their time to Landcare, what their connection is with the natural environment, the types of projects they participate in, the partnerships they have formed and the people they have connected with and helped along the way.

Volunteering in Australia

Landcare volunteers

Perth City Farm - it's right next door!

'"homegrown vegetables from my grandmother's garden" by Gorupka is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Perth City Farm is an urban community garden, education and network centre that operates on permaculture principles. We promote environmental awareness and responsible practices by providing information, training and hosting community-based projects. With our parent body, Men of the Trees, we facilitate tree-planting trips around the State and hold public demonstrations for events and festivals'.

Conservation Volunteers Green Army Projects in Western Australia