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Login to the Campus PCs

Login to the Campus PCs

When you first login to a Campus PC using your Student ID Number and the Default Password, you need to change the password. Once you have changed the password, use your new password for all TAFE online services, e.g. Office 365, Student Portal, Blackboard, etc. 
Login to the Campus PCs for the first time as follows:

Username:  Student ID Number
Password:  Default Password 


NMT has recently undertaken a major system merger and we have experienced some technical issues as a result. If some of the links on this guide are not working, we apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we work towards rectifying this matter.

About this guide

This guide will help you to find resources for Photography, Film & Television, Mass Communications and Animation & Gaming

Reciprocal Borrowing

North Metropolitan TAFE students can borrow from:

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