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Copyright - Using Third-Party Content: STEP 3. Attach the Attribution

Where does the electronic attribution label go?

See some examples of how to display your attribution, in the What is copyright? box, and in the Copyright Ownership Flowchart box.

In an electronic environment, the attribution, including any links to Notices or source material as required, should go as close to the relevant material as possible.  If it cannot be directly adjacent, then it should at least be on the same page. You can use a small font, and a lighter text colour, so long as it is visible.

If you are doing multiple attributions under Part VB in a PowerPoint presentation, it would be sufficient to include an intro or closing slide with the attribution information, using a numbering and referencing system. However, under each item of third party content, you should clearly direct readers to the list of references.  

It is not appropriate to do mouse-over attribution, as the attribution must be visible if the page is printed out.  If you are using images from Free digital then according to the terms of use you cannot use the mouse-over style of attribution, the attribution must be visible somewhere on the same page. 

Where does the print attribution label go?

In a print environment, your Licence statement should be on the verso of your document (the page to the left of the title page). 

This statement is included in the print reader template, and should not be altered.  You should seek permission from the copyright owner where necessary.  You should also include full and proper referencing for all third-party content.

For more information about copyright attribution in a print environment, see the Information about Print Readers page.