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Self Paced Referencing Course

Referencing Course

Congratulations on choosing this self paced course on referencing!

This is an easy to follow course to give you all the basic information you need and allow you to test yourself along the way.

        Overview                   1. Gather information             2. In-text citations                 3. End-text citations                     Review

In each unit there is a LEARN box and a QUIZ box.  The Learn box includes:

Once you have reviewed the information then do the QUIZ.  When you pass then go on to the next unit.

Use the Side menu to jump directly to a unit, or use the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom of each page. The sidebar also contains links to our Virtual Referencing Books.

All the information covered in this course is also available on our Referencing and Plagiarism GuideWe also recommend you download a copy of our APA Referencing Guide 2018 pdf.  If you need help with the terms used in this course refer to our Glossary.