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Assignment Help: More on copyright

What is 'fair dealing'?

Students can copy and communicate limited amounts of works under “fair dealing” without seeking the permission of the copyright owner. To rely on fair dealing, the use of the material must be fair and for the purpose of:

  •  research or study
  •  criticism or review
  •  parody or satire
  •  reporting the news

Most of the copying students will do will fall under fair dealing for research and study. Overall, deciding whether a student’s use is ‘fair’ will be determined largely by how much of the work has been copied.

Source: Smartcopying, 2012

For a laugh!

Try the graphic novel approach to copyright! Click here.
(U.S. content, so not applicable to Australia, but the concept is interesting).

What can I copy?

When you are undertaking a course of study at Central, as a result of special provisions in the Copyright Act, if you use copyright material for the purpose of research or study, you do not infringe copyright, provided your use is “fair”. Whether or not your use is fair will depend on all the circumstances. Please click here for the Australian Copyright Council's handout on Research and Study.


Equivalent from the print world What can I take from online?
Online magazine or journal (eg. The Bulletin) Print magazine or journal (a 'periodical') One article from each issue OR two or more articles from the same issue if they relate to the same subject matter.
Newspaper website Print newspaper (eg The Age) One article per day OR two or more articles may be copied if they relate to the same subject matter.
Report or other document that is separately published online (eg. as a pdf) A printed report or publication 10% of the words in the work OR up to one chapter if the work is divided into chapters.
A collection of webpages containing information under a common hyperlink or index (eg. medical fact sheets) An anthology If the anthology is paginated and more than 200 pages, you can copy up to 15 pages.

Table information sourced from: Smartcopying, 2012

Best tip

Where possible, students should link to material and use Creative Commons licensed material. See Smartcopying Tips for some smart ways of managing copyright.

Copyright quiz

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