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Self Paced Find It Course

Library Know-How: Find It

Welcome to know how to Find It! A self-paced course on how to find information in the Library and online.


          UNIT 1. FIND INFORMATION                            UNIT 2. SUPERSEARCH                                    UNIT 3. DATABASES


There are three units in this course:

Unit 1: Find Information - know where to find information.
Unit 2: SuperSearch
- know how to use SuperSearch to find information.
Unit 3: Databases
- know how to use databases to find information.

In each unit there are interactive TUTORIALS and a QUIZ

Once you have completed the tutorials, then do the QUIZ. When you pass then go on to the next unit.

Use the Side menu to jump directly to a unit, or use the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom of each page. 

Psst. Don't worry! All quiz results are kept top secret by Koala Ninja.

Good luck!