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Central Regional TAFE Library: New Students

Login Requirements

Please allow at least 48 hours after enrolment for your account to become active across all our online systems.

Student ID Number

Your ID number can be found on your student card or enrolment confirmation.

Default Password

This is Tafe (with a capital T) and your date of birth in DDMMYYYY format, e.g. Tafe24021980‚Äč.

First Time Login On-Campus
  • Press the Ctrl, Alt & Delete keys together to get to the login screen
  • Read the Central Regional TAFE policy for student / third party computer acceptable use
  • Click ‘OK’ to acknowledge your acceptance
  • In the ‘Username’ box, enter your student ID number
  • Enter your default password
  • You will be prompted to change your password. Click ‘OK’ to proceed.
  • Enter your new password twice, making sure it meets the minimum requirements
  • Click the arrow to proceed with the password change
  • A successful message will display
  • It is strongly recommended that you set up your Office365 account at this point
Having Problems?

Contact the Library if you are having problems with logging in for the first time and need your password reset.

About Passwords

Passwords expire after 90 days.

You must change your password when prompted, otherwise you may find you are locked out of all College systems.

For you to be able to reset your own password, you need to log into Office 365 at least once and complete the recovery set up in Settings.

You can change your password via the settings in your Office 365 account or by logging in to a student PC and selecting Change Password.

Password Requirements

Must be eight (8) or more characters long.

Must include three (3) of the following: uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers or symbols.

You cannot reuse passwords, use your personal names or the word TAFE.

Still Having Problems?

Download this guide Options for resetting your password

Contact the Library if you are continuing to experience problems with your password.

About Office 365

Every student has an Office 365 account which includes access to Outlook email, a OneDrive folder and access to the Office 365 applications from any computer or mobile device.

Please ensure that you complete setting up your Office365 account before attempting to access other CRT online systems and resources such as Blackboard.

Please note that once you are no longer a currently enrolled student with Central Regional TAFE you will not have access to your account, including any items you may have saved in this account.

On Campus - Logging in for the first time
  • Go the College website - Info For - Current Students|Student Portal - Office 365-Student Email
  • Click on the Office 365 login now button
  • Enter your student email address. This will be the email address you use to login to your TAFE Office 365 account. Enter in the following format:
  • First time users should enter their default password. Information on the default password is under the heading Student Network Computers on this page.
  • You will be asked to add your personal email and mobile number to verify you when you need to reset your password. Set up your security options so you can recover your password yourself when required and access your account when off campus
  • Once logged in you will need to change your password by going to Settings and selecting Password. Forcing your password to change is required to sync your credentials to other College systems.
  • Select your chosen Office 365 application
Off Campus - Logging in for the first time

Follow the steps above. It is recommended that when requested you follow the instructions to download and install the Microsoft Authenticator App.

Microsoft Authenticator App

This app provides an additional level of security for your account. The app will keep your login authenticated for approximately 14 days before requiring that you authenticate again.

Download the relevant user guide below:

Set up Microsoft Authenticator App with a Phone and PC

Set up Microsoft Authenticator App with only a Phone

Set up Microsoft Office 365 authentication without the App

Still Having Problems?

Contact the Library if you continue to experience problems with accessing Office 365.

About our WiFi

WiFi access is only available to College staff and students.

Printing is not available with the WiFi network.

Devices can be charged using one of the many combination power/USB points located in student areas such as the Library.

Logging In

You must login to a Student Network PC or Office 365 first to change your default password before connecting to the WiFi for the first time.

After your password is changed, you can access the College WiFi on your device.

  • Depending on your device, select Settings/Connections/Network/WiFi
  • Select the network called CRT-BYOD
  • Enter your College network login details. This is your Student ID and Password.
  • On some devices, you may need to trust the certificate before connecting. Android device users may need to change the EAP Method to PEAP and make sure you change CA certificate to 'Do Not Validate'.
  • You should now be successfully connected to the WiFi.
  • When you reset your password, don't forget to update it in your WiFi settings.
Having Problems?

Contact the Library if you are having problems accessing the WiFi.

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