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Assignment Help: Blackboard


Login Steps

First you MUST change your default password in either Office 365 (student email) or on a Student PC

It will take 48 hours after completing your enrolment for your account to become active in all our online systems. 


Access the North Metro Website

  • Go to 'Current students'
  • Click on 'Blackboard' under Quicklinks

On a mobile device:

  • Go to 'Current students', then 'Online systems' 


Login to Blackboard

Login to Blackboard

Username:          Student ID Number
Password:           Your Password

Check your Units

  • Once logged into Blackboard, on the left hand side is a list of all the units you are enrolled in.
  • Clicking on the unit name will show the contents of that unit.
  • Be sure to read any orientation material for your units.
  • If some of your units appear to be missing, contact your lecturer.
  • Please note that your units may not appear until the semester has commenced.


Password Expiry

Your password will expire every 90 days - you MUST change it before it expires or you will be locked out of all our online systems. There is a countdown in Blackboard that tells you how many days you have to change your password.

You can change your password on a Student PC by using CTRL+ALT+DELETE and choosing Change a Password. 

Or via the settings in Office 365 (student email) - click on the settings cog in the top right hand corner of your Office 365 account and choose change your password

If you are having problems changing your password please contact your Campus Library

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is an online system for learning at North Metropolitan TAFE.

What is Blackboard used for?

You can use Blackboard to do the following:

  Access your course materials

  ​Submit your assessments

  Contact your lecturer

What is Blackboard not used for?

North Metropolitan TAFE has a number of systems you will need to use during your studies.

   Want to check your results or your enrolment details? That's the Student Portal

   Want to send an email or view your timetable? That's Office 365


Do You Have a Blackboard Problem?