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Education Support: Toy Library

Toy Library

The Toy Library Collection includes all the toys, posters, books and other items shelved in these collections at Joondalup, Leederville and Midland Campus Libraries of North Metropolitan TAFE.

Who may borrow from the Toy Library?

All currently enrolled Children's Services and Education Support students while they are doing their supervised field placements.  Students are also able to borrow items for class projects, or for the playgroup.

Students may borrow ten items from the Toy Library for a one month loan.  They include the toys, children's fiction, children's non-fiction and poster sets.  These may be renewed, if not in demand.

Good Toy Library User Procedure

  1. Take the toy home and check it.  Notify the Library immediately if anything appears missing or damaged.
  2. Set bags and containers aside, and any small pieces that you tihink may get lost.  Use your own boxes to transport to your field placement centre.  Keep an eye on the toys while you are at the centre; make sure they don't get "packed away" with the centre's toys.
  3. After use take the items home and clean as necessary.  Make sure the toys are complete abd re-box / re-bag correctly.
  4. Return items to the Library and wait until the Library staff checks them in.


Manipulative Toys, Transport Sets & Baby Toys

These items must be washed in hot soapy water and dried thoroughly (no residue water before storing).

Any toy that has come into contact with body fluids (urine, saliva, faeces etc) will need disinfection (Bleach 1:20 solution.  Allow to dry)

Jigsaws and Wooden Toys

Do not submerge in water.  Use sterilised cloth and wipe over pieces.  Then use dry cloth for excess water.


Books with cardboard pages should only be wiped according to jigsaw instructions.  Please do not wipe any other books.

Arrangement of the Collections

At Joondalup: Small format books (fiction and non-fiction) are arranged according to topic, then alphabetically by the author's surname. Big books are stored in separate trolleys. Toys are also arranged by topic.

At Leederville: Small format books (fiction and non-fiction) are arranged according to topic, then alphabetically by the author's surname. Big books are stored in separate trolleys. Toys are arranged according to topics.

At Midland: The children's fiction is shelved alphabetically by the first letter of the author's surname and includes storybooks, picture books and large format books. The children's non-fiction is shelved according to the Dewey Decimal System and can include large and small format books. Toys are shelved in cupboards and shelves and arranged according to type.

The toys are grouped according to the Torrens Classification System. The developmental areas to which the toys are aimed are:

61    Speech and Language Development
62  Socio-Dramatic Play
63 Pre-Reading and Reading Materials and Programs
64 Mathematical Materials
65 Science Materials
66 Social Studies
69 Performing Arts - Music
80 Sensory
81 Sensory-Motor
82 Perceptual
83 Perceptual-Motor
84 Motor
85 Conceptual and Abstract Reasoning
86  Self-help Skills