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English Language: Library Glossary

Library Glossary

Take and use a book from the library for a fixed period of time. eg. "I would like to borrow this book please."
Call number 
A code that identifies a book indicating its location in the library and the subject of the book. (Also called a Dewey number.) eg. "At what call number will I find a book on grammar?"
Due date
The date when a book needs to be returned to the library. eg. "What is the due date for my book?"undefined
A book that is borrowed for a fixed period of time. eg. "Can you tell me what book I have on loan please?"
When a book is not returned to the library on the date it was due back. eg. "I am very sorry that my book is overdue. I will return it tomorrow."
To extend the time a book from the library can be used before it needs to be returned. eg. "My book is due to be returned. Can I renew my book for a longer time?"
To ask for a book that is on loan to be put aside when it is returned, or transferred from another NMT library. (Also called a hold.) eg. "The book I want is not available now so may I request it please?"

Text adapted by North Metropolitan TAFE with permission of Wodonga TAFE; Image © iStock used under licence