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North Metropolitan TAFE Library: Finding & Using CC Images

Websites for Finding Creative Commons (CC) Images

Use CC licenced images wherever possible as they are free and easy to use. Listed below are CC licenced image repositories:​

Search Tools for Finding Creative Commons (CC) Images

Search for CC images using these search tools:

Attributing Creative Commons (CC) Images

You  should:

  • Provide the title of the image 
  • Credit the creator or photographer
  • Provide the URL as text, or hyperlink the title to where the image is hosted
  • Indicate the type of CC licence it is available under and link to that licence

You can use:

Search Creative Commons (CC)

Click on the Openverse link below  to search for free images with easy attribution.

Image by Creative Commons under a CC BY 4.0 licence

Examples of Images & Attributions

Image from Flickr Advanced Search

Mt Fuji by Skyseeker from Flickr CC BY 2.0  

Image from Compfight

Blossoms on Capitol Hill by John Brighenti from Flickr via Compfight CC BY 2.0

Image from CC Search Tool

"geisha"by Kate Nevens is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Image from Pexels

Woman Wearing a Kimono Holding Umbrella by Evgeny Tchebotarev from Pexels CC0 1.0

Image from CC Search Tool

"Japanese Garden 2" by Richard in Regina CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

Image from Unsplash

Kyoto, Japan by Sorasak from Unsplash CC0 1.0

Websites for Finding Free Images (Not CC Licenced Images)

When using images from stock image libraries and freely available images from the Internet, always check the terms and conditions of each site for copyright and attribution requirements.