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North Metropolitan TAFE Library: Student PCs


Login Steps

It will take 48 hours after completing your enrolment for your account to become active in all our online systems. 

Find my Student ID Number

Your Student ID number can be found on your enrolment form and welcome email.
It either begins with 2 followed by 7 numbers (eg. 20001245), or a letter of the alphabet followed
by 6 numbers (eg. J123456).

Default Password

If you have already set up Office 365 (student email) and changed your password, use this new password for the Student PCs and all other online systems.

If you have not yet changed your password, your default password is Tafe (with a capital T) and your date of birth in DDMMYYYY format, eg. Tafe24021980​. 

Changing your password via a Student PC

If you have not already changed your password you will be prompted to change the default password when you first login to a Student PC.

Once you have changed your password, this will be the password for all TAFE online systems, eg. Office 365 (student email), Student Portal and Blackboard. 

  • Enter your Student ID Number
  • Enter your Default Password
  • Enter NEW Password
  • Confirm NEW Password

Password Requirements

  • Must be or more characters long
  • Must include 3 of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers or symbols
  • Cannot include your first or surname

Password Expiry

Your password will expire every 90 days - you MUST change it before it expires or you will be locked out of all our online systems. 

You can change your password on a Student PC by using CTRL+ALT+DELETE and choosing Change a Password. 

If you are having problems changing your password please contact your Campus Library


About the Student PCs

  • Computers are provided for educational purposes for NMTAFE students and staff only
  • Computers have Internet access and Office software, as well as other programs
  • Students are reminded to save their work onto a USB or to Office 365 (student email) and should never save it onto the desktop, as files saved to the computers are wiped regularly

For More Information


When you first login to a Student PC, you need to change the password. After changing your password, use your new password for all TAFE online services, eg. Office 365 (student email), Student Portal and Blackboard.