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Work Health and Safety: Australian Standards

Changes to accessing Australian Standards

Standards Australia has implemented changes to how licenced users can view, download or print Standards via SAI Global.

Registration is a new requirement for everyone using Australian Standards. It is a one-off process. Once registered you will be asked to login to view Standards every time. Searching for Standards will not require you to login.

This process is not connected to TAFE and you will be unable to login using your CRT network login. You must select new registration the first time to register your TAFE email address and create your password. It is imperative that you register with your TAFE email address. Personal email addresses must not be used. 

If accessing offsite you will need to first authenticate as a CRT user before you will be able to access our licence. Use your campus network login to authenticate first.  Then register as a user with SAI Global.

As part of the registration process you will receive a verification code, sent to your email address to complete the task.  

All standards you print or download will be watermarked with your name and email address.

Please contact Library staff if you are having any issues accessing.

About Australian Standards Online Select

Central Regional TAFE has a subscription to a select list of Australian Standards provided through SAI Global.

The service is provided for course-related research and study by current Central Regional TAFE students and staff only.

Licence Conditions 
These are conditions the College must abide by.  Non-compliance may result in cancellation of our licence. All printed and downloaded standards will be marked with an access date and College name. Do not remove this notice from the document. 
You cannot undertake the following: 
  • use, modify, copy, adapt, supply, transmit, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or create derivative works based on, send by email, reproduce, or do any other thing in relation to the electronic files
  • transfer an electronic file or printed publication to any party other than a College student or staff member
  • use hard copy printed copies other than for internal use or download electronic copies of publications other than for temporary off-line purposes; or
  • use printed hard copies or downloaded electronic copies of the Service to build up a reference collection.
  • Copy and paste text into other documents.

You can undertake the following: 

  • Students and staff cannot make additional copies or share the information with non-College related personnel.
  • Printed copies can be taken off campus for use by students/staff for the duration of the course/s. Copies must returned by all at the end of course.
  • You can download and store electronic copies for temporary off-line use. Note that downloaded copies are encoded with a predetermined expiry date, after which they cease to be accessible (maximum of 5 days).

How to Access Australian Standards

  • Preferred browser is Google Chrome.


  • To access our subscription click on the link below.
  • Access to resources is automatic on campus.
  • Accessing when off campus requires you to login.
    • Students: Please use your campus computer network login.
    • Staff: Please use your campus computer network login.


  • Use the quick search option and type in a keyword or standard number.  Enter the number only if you are not sure if it is either an AS, NZS or international standard.
  • You can search for any standard but full text is only available for the standards that the College subscribes to, the remainder are locked. Should you need to access an unlocked standard, please contact your lecturer in the first instance.


  • You can download and store electronic copies for temporary off-line use. Note that downloaded copies are encoded with a predetermined expiry date, after which they cease to be accessible (maximum of 5 days).  You will then need to download the standard again.


  • Only one user at a time can access the database, so remember to LOGOUT when you  have finished.