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Self Paced Find It Course

Library Know-How Self Paced Find It Course

Welcome to know how to Find It! A self-paced course on how to find information in the Library and online.

                 Find information unit                                      Find it course                                      Find databases unit    

          UNIT 1. FIND INFORMATION                          UNIT 2. SUPERSEARCH                                  UNIT 3. DATABASES


There are three units in this course:

Unit 1: Find Information - know where to find information.
Unit 2: SuperSearch
- know how to use SuperSearch to find information.
Unit 3: Databases
- know how to use databases to find information.

In each unit there are interactive TUTORIALS and a QUIZ

Once you have completed the tutorials, then do the QUIZ. When you pass then go on to the next unit.

Use the Side menu to jump directly to a unit, or use the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom of each page. 

Psst. Don't worry! All quiz results are kept top secret.

Good luck!