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Subject Guide: Child Care: Albany Child Care Toy Collection


Albany Library has a special Child Care Toy Collection, available only to Child Care and Education Support students. It contains a selection of toys, games, puzzles, puppets, CDs, DVDs and musical instruments to enhance students’ activities with children. We also have a range of junior fiction, board books and big books, many with a particular theme such as recycling, weather, personal safety, Aboriginal myths, children with disabilities, multiculturalism and sharing.

Loan Toys and Instruments



The Child Care Toy Collection contains more than forty glove puppets, including animals (cat, frog, kangaroo, chimpanzee, fox, dragon, koala, fish, lizard, grizzly bear, lion, mouse, pig, rabbit, sheep, tortoise and wolf); birds (cockatoo, crow, hen, kookaburra and rooster); and people (clown, granny, Little Red Riding Hood, old man, red-haired girl and spiky-haired boy). There is also a caterpillar puppet which transforms into a butterfly, and some marionettes.

Puzzles and Games

We have all sorts of puzzles and games of varying levels of difficulty. There is a huge (100cm x 74cm) dinosaur playmat jigaw, two large crane and cement mixer jigsaws, the ladybird clock puzzle and a number of simpler wooden inset puzzles. There is an educational toy called Formogram, excellent for development of visual perception and basic understanding of shapes. The Spotty Dogs counting game and Playbook Farm are great fun, as are the Eric Carle animal flash cards and the Memo matching game.

Musical Instruments

Our range of musical instruments include drums, rhythm sticks, tambourines, triangles, tone blocks, xylophones, clappers, rattles, bongos, cymbals, recorders and maracas, plus some more exotic items such as a rainmaker, a guiro, pan pipes, castanets and a kazoo.


Big Books

These large format books are approximately 50cm x 35cm, and are great for story-telling to groups. Here are just some of our big book titles :




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