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Animal Care and Veterinary Nursing: Surgery, Procedures & Treatments

Library Resources

Anaesthesia for Veterinary Nurses

Easy to read and understand, it provides detailed coverage of the physiological, pharmacological and physical aspects of anaesthesia.

BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Anaesthesia and Analgesia

The administration of safe and reliable anaesthesia is important for all veterinary surgeons, and good control of pain after injury,either traumatic or surgical, is one of the most important ethical responsibilities.

Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents: clinical medicine and surgery

A concise guide to the care of small mammals, Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents: Clinical Medicine and Surgery covers the conditions seen most often in veterinary practice. 

Small Animal Bandaging, Casting, and Splinting Techniques

Small Animal Bandaging, Casting, and Splinting Techniques is a well-illustrated how-to manual covering common bandaging methods used to support and manage both soft tissue and orthopaedic conditions in small animal patients. 

Veterinary Instruments and Equipment

Use this pocket guide to memorize and identify instruments at a glance!

Veterinary Nurse's Practical Guide to Small Animal Anaesthesia (2023)

Written by practicing veterinary nurses, the guide analyzes each stage in turn, beginning with a discussion of pre-assessment and pre-medication of patients. Most critically, it reviews the normal functioning of each physiological system in small animals before detailing common problems caused in these systems by anaesthesia.

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