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Copyright for Students: Introduction

This guide provides copyright information which is relevant to students. Please note that the information is for your guidance only – it is not legal advice.

Understanding Copyright

Source: University of South Australia. (2018, January 4).Study help: Understanding copyright [Video]. YouTube.

What is Copyright?

  • Copyright is the rights granted exclusively to the creators of certain creative material (literary works, artistic works, music etc.) who can then stop others from using that material without permission.
  • Copyright owners can publish, adapt, reproduce, communicate and perform their own material. Others must seek permission to use.
  • Copyright allows creators control over the use of their work and the ability to earn an income from it.
  • Copyright is automatic in Australia.
  • Copyright generally lasts until 70 years after the creator has died.

 Source: Smartcopying

What is covered by Copyright?

  • Artistic works – paintings, photographs, maps, graphics, cartoons, charts, diagrams and illustrations
  • Literary works – novels, textbooks, poems, song lyrics, newspaper articles, computer software, computer games
  • Musical works – melodies, song music, advertising jingles, film scores
  • Dramatic works – plays, screenplays and choreography
  • Films and moving images – feature films, short films, documentaries, television programs, interactive games, television advertisements, music videos and vodcasts
  • Sound recordings – MP3 files, CDs, DVDs, vinyl and tape recordings, podcasts
  • Broadcasts – pay and free to air television and radio

It is important to note that online text, images, broadcasts, videos and music on websites, wikis, blogs and social networking sites are all protected by copyright.

Source: Smartcopying.