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Foundation Skills: Introduction

Welcome to the FOUNDATION SKILLS Guide

This guide provides a starting point to help you find and access the many resources available both within the library and online. 

Use the above tabs to find out about:

  • Communication Skills - resources for developing verbal and non-verbal skills
  • Digital Technology - resources for improving your IT skills and thinking critically about your technology use
  • Literacy Skills - resources for developing better reading and writing skills
  • Employability Skills - resources about the skills you will need no matter what your job is
  • Numeracy Skills - resources for developing better mathematical skills
  • For Lecturers - resources for teaching literacy and numeracy skills
  • Research Help - develop your research skills
  • Referencing -  learn how to reference correctly using APA and how to avoid plagiarising
  • Copyright - find out what you can and can't do

If you require further research help or simply have a question, please contact the Library.

Source: geralt. (2018, May 2). Skills [Image]. Pixabay