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Copyright: Copyright Basics

Copyright : Why it Matters

Copyright is important because it gives creators control over their creative works.

This gives creators the ability to earn a living from their works and/or to control how their works are used or disseminated.

What is TAFE covered by?

The WA Department of Training and Workforce Development has two licence agreements that enable teaching staff at WA state training providers (STPs) to make multiple copies of works for the purpose of educating students.

These licences are:
> the text and artistic works licence under Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968, administered through the Copyright Agency – which covers both hard copy and electronic source material
> the broadcast licence under Part VA of the Copyright Act, administered by Screenrights.

Note that these licence agreements are for educational use only, ie such copies cannot be sold for commercial purposes or for profit, used in a private/domestic scenario or to market the STP.


This guide contains some material from:

[Smartcopying website]

WestOne's guides on Copyright, WestOne services: Intellectual Property Unit. 

Available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Australia Licence []
We would also like to thank WestOne Services (WA Dept. of Training and Workforce Development) for providing copyright advice as well as the University of Canberra Library for allowing their guide content to be adapted for use in this guide.

About this Guide

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This guide provides copyright information and links, but not legal opinion, which is relevant to staff and students at WA State Training Providers.

For legal advice and further copyright guidance, please contact your Institute librarian or seek help from the organisations listed in the Copyright Information Sources box on the right.

Safe Harbour Scheme

South Regional TAFE participates in the safe harbour scheme in Part V Division 2AA of the Copyright Act 1968 and has appointed the National Copyright Unit as its Designated Representative for receiving take-down notices issued under the scheme.

All take-down notices issued under the scheme should be sent to:

The National Copyright Director

National Copyright Unit

105 Phillip Street Parramatta NSW 2150 

Tel: 02 7814 3855

What is Copyright?

Copyright grants exclusive rights to authors and creators of works, the copyright owners, to enable them to determine how their work can be used so their moral and economic interests are protected.
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  • A simple definition of copyright is that it is a bunch of rights in certain creative works (literary works, artistic works, musical works, computer programs, sound recordings, films and broadcasts) which can be used to stop others from copying the creative works without permission.


  • At its most basic, copyright is simply the exclusive right to copy.


  • The rights are granted exclusively to the copyright owner to reproduce (copy, scan, print) and communicate (email, put on Internet) the material, and for some material, the right to perform or show the work to the public. Copyright owners can prevent others from reproducing or communicating their work without their permission. Only the copyright owner can licence or sell these rights to someone else.

             Source: Smartcopying

Copyright Information Sources