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Automotive Technology: e-Resources

Why use Library Databases?

Source:  Yavapai College Library. (2011, September 30). What are databases and why you need them. [video] from YouTube


  • contain journal articles, news, magazines and more.
  • provide quality current as well as historical information.
  • complement other sources of information including books and web searches.

How to Login to our Licensed e-Resources

Access to resources is automatic on campus.

Accessing when off campus requires you to login.

Students: Please use your campus computer network login.

Staff: Please use your campus computer network login.

Subject Specific Databases - Lecturer Access Only

Lecturers please contact the Learning Resources Coordinator if you require access. 

Streaming Video Collections

 Kanopy has a number of titles related to automotive engineering. Some of the titles are:

  • The Internal Combustion Engine
  • Torque, Power and Transmission
  • The Drivetrain
  • Suspension, Steering and Braking
  • Fuel Technology: Transportation Innovations