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North Metropolitan TAFE Library: Standards Australia Help

Online Access

Downloading and Saving Standards

You can save your downloaded Australian Standards on a computer mobile phone or tablet. 

You will not be able to save them on;

  • a shared drive
  • USB stick
  • cloud storage
  • other shared locations.

You can download and save a standard to as many devices as you want. 

The digital copy is permanent and will not expire. 

You can only download to a device such as PC, MAC, Smart Phone or Tablet.

Full text Standards in PDF format may be viewed, downloaded or printed.

Australian Standards are locked to the device that they are initially opened on. 

You will need to download the FileOpen Plugin on any personal device in order to open a standard, all college computers already have this plugin installed. 

FileOpen works with several 3rd party PDF viewers, Adobe Acrobat, Nitro PDF Reader among others, to authenticate users and manage permissions in their applications. 

Detailed instructions for downloading to various devices can be found here.

Classroom Access

Do you want to teach your class how to use the standards? 

The good news is the entire class can;

  • access the standards page at the same time,
  • create user accounts, and
  • learn how to search. 

At this point the Lecturer can download a standard onto their device to demonstrate the process or use in class. 

Across all campuses, 10 students can download a standard at any one time. Remember to log out when you are done so the next user can access the database. 

Feel free to contact the Library if you would like some help.

Printing and Watermarks

When you download a Standards Australia PDF document, it will come watermarked with the name of the person who downloaded it and the download date in the left margin on each page of the publication. It shows that you are the rightful licensee of that publication. This process is in place to protect the copyright and distribution of documents.

Printing Standards in the Library

Click on the link below to find printing costs on campus and to add credit to your print account

External Printing Services

External printing services, such as Officeworks, are unable to print Australian Standards as they are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) 

However, they offer binding services for your printed documents if you take them into the store.

For Lecturers - The Printing and Usage of Classroom Sets

North Metropolitan lecturers may print multiple copies of standards for use within the classrooms, in accordance with North Metropolitan's licence.

Multiple copies of Standards may be printed on any copier at North Metropolitan TAFE.

Standards cannot be printed at external printer services (Officeworks) as they are DRM encrypted when downloaded.

Standards cannot be downloaded and saved to a USB or a shared drive for future printing.

Standards may be printed on personal printers if the user's personal device can print directly to the printer.

Standards issued to students in the classroom must be collected at the completion of each lesson. 

Access and Use

Australian Standards are available via our subscription to SAI Global for work and study purposes by current North Metropolitan TAFE students and staff.  

  • Automatic access is via the link above on-campus or off-campus using your Network login. The preferred browser is Google Chrome.
  • A one-off Registration is required using a staff or student email and created password. Use these each time thereafter to view or download a document. 
  • There is no need to include the prefix (AS) in the search box. Search by code number, keyword or title. 
  • To narrow the search results, pre-select the 'Within subscription' search option.
  • Non-active and Withdrawn Standards can be discovered by using the Power Search option.  
  • Full text Standards in PDF format may be viewed, downloaded or printed.
  • The digital copy is permanent and will not expire. 
  • The subscription allows 10 concurrent users. When finished, please use the 'subscription logout' to free up the licence. 
  • Automatic log-out occurs after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  • Register to create a 'favourites' list for easy access to your most frequently used Standards.
  • Individual Amendments are listed in search results and may be printed separate to the entire Standard.
  • With the exception of ISO 31000:2018, International Standards are not included in our subscription content. Search instead for 'Identical' Australian versions.