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North Metropolitan TAFE Library: Unlisted YouTube Videos

Contacts for Links

This is a list of ClickView videos we uploaded to our YouTube channel. 

The videos are unlisted and can only be viewed with a direct or embed link (to use in Blackboard).

If there is a video you are interested in, please contact Naomi Gorrie or Helga Nalong at the Midland Campus Library

for access to the direct and embed links.


1905 Act

1905 Act and Personal Experiences

Aboriginal - Health - Stay Strong

Aboriginal - Health - Stolen Generations

Deadly Ways to Teach

Jandamarra's War

Talking Deadly

Auslan, Interpreting & Translation

Become a Best Practice Medical Interpreter

Working with Interpreters

Interpreting Techniques: Moving Towards Meaning (Facing Aggression & Signing Awareness)


The Passionate Apprentices - Bakers

Bakery - Nathan McMurdo's Videos

Danish Dough Preparation and Laminate Fats Preparation

Lamination and Folding: Single and Book

Shaping Danish Varieties 1

Shaping Danish Varieties 2

Shaping Danish Varieties 3

Dividing Danish Dough Ready for Lamination

Bakery - Paul Hollywood City Bakes: Series 1

Episode 01 - New York

Episode 02 - Paris

Episode 03 - London

Episode 04 - St Petersburg

Episode 05 - Naples

Episode 06 - Copenhagen

Episode 07 - Madrid

Episode 08 - Warsaw

Episode 09 - Miami

Episode 10 - Munich

Episode 11 - Best of Bakes

Episode 12 - Amazing Bakers

Episode 13 - Amazing Kitchens

Beauty - Staff Created Videos

Eyebrow and Lip Waxing

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

Half Leg Wax

Leg Massage



Business - The Apprentice Australia

Series 1 - Episode 01

Series 1 - Episode 03

Series 1 - Episode 04

Children's Services & Education Support

1905 Act

Driving with Richard

Early Education - More Than a Bad Day

Guiding Children's Behaviour

Make Me Normal

Routines; Separation; Difficult Moments; Group Care

Understanding Autism

Community Services

1905 Act

Annie's coming out

Changing Men (Four Corners)

Good Question : Solution Oriented Counselling

It's a Tightrope Juggling Trick

Journey of No Return

Make Me Normal

Mental Health - Alcohol and your Brain : Get the facts

Mental Health - Ice: Your body belongs to you

Mental Health - One in Five 

My Brother Vinnie

Saving Claymore

Stolen Generations

Understanding Ageing

Community Services - Case Study

Case Study 1:  Jeremy Black - Depression, suicidality 

Case Study 2:  Rosemary Chambers - Post Natal Depression, Domestic Violence 

Case Study 3:  William Peterson - Posttraumatic stress disorder 

Case Study 4:  Molly Franklyn - Non-suicidal self-injury, eating disorders 

Case Study 5:  Julie Davis - Panic attacks, agoraphobia 

Case Study 6:  Mary Hodge - Non-suicidal self-injury 

Case Study 7:  Samantha Jacobs - Suicide attempt, eating disorders, non-suicidal self injury 

Case Study 8:  Peter Graham - Bipolar disorder (depressed) 

Case Study 9:  Patrick Nolan - Schizophrenia 

Case Study 10A:  Linda Shaw - Bipolar disorder (manic) 

Case Study 10B:  Linda Shaw - Bipolar disorder (manic) 

Case Study 12A:  Peter Burton - Narcissistic personality disorder 

Case Study 12B:  Peter Burton - Narcissistic personality disorder 

Community Services - Knot at Home Project

Program 1 - Stories of Survival

Program 2 - Stories of Security

Program 3 - Stories of Love

Program 4 - Stories of Dreams

Program 5 - Stories of My Family

Program 6 - Stories of Loyalty

Program 7 - Stories of Insight

Program 8 - Stories About Telling My Story

Community Services - Safer Lives, Better Health

Disc 2 - Lesbians and Gay Men

Section 1 - Conversations from the frontline

Section 2 - Identifying and responding

Section 3 - Yarning about Aboriginal family violence

Section 4 - DV routine screening drama

Section 6 - Minh's story

Section 7 - Kerry's Story

Section 5 - Sue's Story

Community Services - Understanding and Responding to Behaviours of Concerns

Chapter 1 - What is a Behaviour of Concern?

Chapter 2 - Types of Behaviours of Concern?

Chapter 3 - Causes of Behaviours of Concern 

Chapter 4 - Know Your Client 

Chapter 5 - Communication 

Chapter 6 - Aggression and Risk 

Chapter 7 - Reporting of Behaviours of Concern

English - Get Wise

You and Me

Your Communications

Your Future - Work and Study

Your Health and Wellbeing

Your Money

Your Time Out


Marry Me, Marry My Family: Season 1 - Episode 3


Razorman Techniques 

Sharon Blain - How to use a Conical Wand

Hairdressing safety essentials

Hairdressing - Essential Blowdrying

Part 1 - Introduction 

Part 2 - Graduated Bob 

Part 3 - Long thick Layers 

Part 4 - Classic Page Boy 

Part 5 - Short Graduation 

Part 6 - Men's Basic Layer 

Part 7 - Long One-Length 


Body Story - Metabolism

Stay Strong

The Human Body: How it Works - The Skeletal and Muscular Systems

Health - Mosby Nursing Video Skills - Basic

Assisting with Elimination - Administering a cleansing enema

Assisting with Elimination - Applying a condom catheter

Assisting with Elimination - Assisting a patient with a urinal

Assisting with Elimination - Assisting with a bedpan

Assisting with Elimination - Providing catheter care

Basic Infection Control - Performing hand hygiene

Basic Infection Control - Using personal protective equipment

Bathing - Assisting with a tub bath or shower

Bathing - Performing a complete or partial bed bath

Bathing - Performing back massage

Performing perineal care for a female patient

Performing perineal care for a male patient

Bed making - Making the Occupied Bed

Bed making - Making the Unoccupied Bed

Nutrition and Fluids - Assisting with meals

Nutrition and Fluids - Taking aspiration precautions

Nutrition and Fluids - Taking aspiration precautions

Personal Hygiene and Grooming - Assisting with gown change

Personal Hygiene and Grooming - Cleaning dentures

Personal Hygiene and Grooming - Performing hair care and shampooing in bed

Personal Hygiene and Grooming - Performing nail and foot care

Personal Hygiene and Grooming - Performing oral hygiene for an unconscious patient

Personal Hygiene and Grooming - Shaving a male patient

Restraints and Alternatives - Applying restraints

Restraints and Alternatives - Using restraint alternatives

Safe Patient Handling - Applying elastic stockings

Safe Patient Handling - Assisting with ambulation using a gait belt

Safe Patient Handling - Assisting with moving and positioning a patient in bed

Safe Patient Handling - Transferring from bed to a stretcher

Safe Patient Handling - Transferring from bed to wheelchair using a transfer belt

Safe Patient Handling - Using a hydraulic lift

Safe Patient Handling - Using a sequential compression device

Vital Signs - Assessing apical pulse

Vital Signs - Assessing apical-radial pulse

Vital Signs - Assessing pain

Vital Signs - Assessing radial pulse

Vital Signs - Assessing respiration

Vital Signs - Measuring a patient's height and weight

Vital Signs - Measuring oxygen saturation with pulse oximetry

Vital Signs - Obtaining blood pressure by the one step method

Vital Signs - Taking temperature with a tympanic thermometer

Health - Mosby Nursing Video Skills - Intermediate

Enteral Nutrition - Inserting a nasogastric feeding tube

Enteral Nutrition - Providing enteral feedings

Enteral Nutrition - Removing a feeding tube

Infection Control - Establishing and maintaining sterile field

Infection Control - Performing sterile gloving

Infection Control - Pouring a sterile solution

Infection Control - Using a pre-packaged sterile kit

Ostomy Care - Pouching a colostomy

Ostomy Care - Pouching a ureterostomy

Post-Operative Nursing Care - Managing a nasogastric tube

Post-Operative Nursing Care - Managing Pain

Post-Operative Nursing Care - Post Operative Nursing Care

Pre-Operative Nursing Care - Performing a preoperative assessment

Pre-Operative Nursing Care - Preparing a patient for surgery

Pre-Operative Nursing Care - Promoting family support and participation

Pre-Operative Nursing Care - Teaching postoperative exercises

Pressure Ulcers and Wound Care - Assessing wounds

Pressure Ulcers and Wound Care - Caring for pressure ulcers

Pressure Ulcers and Wound Care - Changing dressings

Pressure Ulcers and Wound Care - Irrigating wounds

Pressure Ulcers and Wound Care - Managing wound drainage systems

Respiratory Care and Suctioning - Applying a nasal cannula or a face mask

Respiratory Care and Suctioning - Ensuring oxygen safety

Respiratory Care and Suctioning - Maintaining an airway

Respiratory Care and Suctioning - Performing nasotracheal suctioning

Respiratory Care and Suctioning - Performing oropharyngeal suctioning

Respiratory Care and Suctioning - Providing tracheostomy care

Respiratory Care and Suctioning - Setting oxygen flow rates

Respiratory Care and Suctioning - Suctioning an artificial airway

Specimen Collection - Collecting a midstream urine specimen

Specimen Collection - Collecting a specimen for wound culture

Specimen Collection - Collecting a sputum specimen

Specimen Collection - Performing blood glucose testing

Specimen Collection - Performing faecal occult blood testing

Specimen Collection - Performing gastric occult blood and pH testing

Specimen Collection - Screening urine for chemical properties

Urinary Catheter Management - Caring for suprapubic catheter

Urinary Catheter Management - Irrigating a urinary catheter

Urinary Catheter Management - Obtaining a sterile urine specimen

Urinary Catheter Management - Performing intermittent straight catheterisation

Urinary Catheter Management - Inserting an indwelling urinary catheter in a female

Urinary Catheter Management - Inserting an indwelling urinary catheter in a male

Health - Mosby Nursing Video Skills - Advanced

Administering Intravenous Fluid Therapy - Discontinuing IV therapy

Administering Intravenous Fluid Therapy - Dressing infusion site

Administering Intravenous Fluid Therapy - Performing venipuncture and initiating infusion

Administering Intravenous Fluid Therapy - Troubleshooting intravenous infections

Injections - Adding medication via IV piggyback

Injections - Adding medications to intravenous fluid container

Injections - Administering intradermal injections

Injections - Administering intramuscular injections

Injections - Administering medication via IV bolus

Injections - Administering medication via mini infusion pump

Injections - Administering subcutaneous injections

Injections - Drawing up more than one type of insulin

Injections - Preparing injections from a vial

Injections - Preparing injections from an ampule

Injections - Preparing Insulin

Safe Medication Administration - Documenting medication administration

Safe Medication Administration - Ensuring the six rights of medication administration

Safe Medication Administration - Handling variations in medication administration

Safe Medication Administration - Preventing medication errors

Safe Medication Administration - Using specialty medication administration systems

Vascular access - Drawing blood and administering fluid

Vascular access - Performing dressing care

Vascular access - Troubleshooting vascular access devices

Managing Intravenous Fluid Therapy - Changing IV dressings

Managing Intravenous Fluid Therapy - Changing IV tubing and fluids

Managing Intravenous Fluid Therapy - Regulating intravenous Infusions

Managing Intravenous Fluid Therapy - Using an infusion pump

Nonparentereal Medications - Administering eardrops

Nonparentereal Medications - Administering eye medications

Nonparentereal Medications - Administering oral medication

Nonparentereal Medications - Administering topical medications

Nonparentereal Medications - Applying an oestrogen patch or nitro-glycerine paste

Nonparentereal Medications - Inserting a rectal suppository

Nonparentereal Medications - Using a dry powder inhaler

Nonparentereal Medications - Using a metered dose inhaler (MDI)

Parenteral Nutrition - Providing a lipid infusion

Parenteral Nutrition - Total parenteral nutrition therapy

Health - SimMan Instructions

SimMan Introduction

Manual Instructor Mode Scenario

Debrief Tools

Connect Session on Patient Monitor

Connect Monitor to Bedside

Initiating Patient Monitor

Health - Staff Created Videos - McLarty Videos

Enrolled Nursing - Bed Making

Enrolled Nursing: Blood Glucose Level

Enrolled Nursing: Hand Hygiene - Hand Rub

Enrolled Nursing: Hand Hygiene - Hand Wash

Enrolled Nursing: Infection Control - Standard Precautions

Enrolled Nursing: Infection Control - Transmission Based Precautions

Enrolled Nursing: Mid Stream Urine Collection

Enrolled Nursing: Neurological Observations

Enrolled Nursing: Neurovascular Observations

Enrolled Nursing: Specimen Collection - Urine

Enrolled Nursing: Urinalysis

Enrolled Nursing: Vital Signs - Blood Pressure

Enrolled Nursing: Vital Signs - Oxygen Saturation

Enrolled Nursing: Vital Signs - Pulse Rate

Enrolled Nursing: Vital Signs - Respiratory Rate

Enrolled Nursing: Vital Signs - Temperature

Eye Care

Insertion and Removal IDC

Invasion of the Lurgys

Removal of Staples

Simple Wound Care

Suture Removal

Vital Signs 2013

Wound Care Drain Removal

Health - The Palliative Approach and End of Life Care

Part 1 - Overview

Part 2 - Client Choices

Part 3 - Physical Needs

Part 4 - Psychological Needs

Part 5 - Social Needs

Part 6 - Spiritual Needs

Part 7 - Communication with the Client

Part 8 - Communication with the Family

Part 9 - Communication with your Supervisor

Part 10 - Cultural Differences

Part 12 - Looking After Yourself


Drop Everything for the Customer 

The Art of Carving Fruit and Vegetables: Part 1 

The Art of Carving Fruit and Vegetables: Part 2 

Use by and Best Before Dates on Food (Today Tonight)

Intro to LLN

Why is Language, Literacy and Numeracy so important? 

What are the Language, Literacy and Numeracy demands of the training environment? 

What are the Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills? 

What is the Australian Core Skills Framework? 

How do you find out about the LLN skills of your learner group? 

How do I identify my learners' Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills? 

Library Studies

Library Cards to Light Pens 


Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour 

Occupational, Health & Safety

Devil's Dust - Episode 1 

Devil's Dust - Episode 2

An Easy Guide to Outdoor Worker Safety - Part One

An Easy guide to Outdoor Worker Safety - Part Two

An Easy Guide to Outdoor Worker Safety - Part Three

Too Hot to Handle 

Practical LLN Tips

Choose, customise and develop learning and assessment materials 

Develop your learners' learning skills 

Develop your learners' numeracy skills 

Develop your learners' reading skills 

Develop your learners' speaking and listening skills 

Develop your learners' writing skills 

Group of learners with different LLN levels 

How VET and LLN Practitioners work together 

LLN and oral assessment 

LLN and written assessment 

Talking with a learner about LLN needs 

Team Teaching 

VET practitioners and TAELLN401A TAELLN411 unit 

Where to access LLN support 

Where to access LLN support 


Balga Campus Sustainability - Security, Electrical & Plumbing 

Balga Campus Sustainability - Timber & Glazing Trades 

Thornlie Campus Sustainability - Bricklaying 

Thornlie Campus Sustainability - Painting 

Trades - Automotive


Carburetor Troubleshooting

Ignition Operation : How They Work and Diagnosing Faults

Engine Govenor, Adjustment & Troubleshooting

The Two Stroke

Trades - Basic Static Machines

Part 1 - Docking Saw 

Part 2 - Surface Planer 

Part 3 - Rip Saw 

Part 4 - Panel Planer 

Part 5 - Band Saw 

Trades - Carpentry

Fritz Kohl Furnierwerk Veneers

Wood Finishing

Trades - Construction

Construction - QV1 Building 

Trades - Drills

Part 1 - Removal of black 

Part 2 - The marking out tools 

Part 3 - Marking out the square 

Part 4 - Hacksaw 

Part 5 - File types 

Part 6 - Filing the edge 

Part 7 - Check for square 

Part 8 - Marking out the detail 

Part 9 - Odd leg calliper 

Part 10 - Marking out the detail 

Part 11 - Marking out the 53 degree angle 

Part 12 - Using the drill press 

Part 13. Tapping the threads 

Part 14 - Tapping the threads (2) 

Part 15 - Filing the notches 

Part 16 - Filing the notches (2) 

Part 17 - Cutting the angles 

Part 18 - Junior Hacksaw 

Part 19 - Cutting the 90 degree Notch 

Part 20 - Cutting the notches 

Part 21 - The 90 degree cut 

Part 22 - Polishing the metal 

Part 23 - Finished the polishing 

Part 24 - Using the number punches 

Part 25 - Using the Drill Gauge 

Trades - Metal Electrical (MEM)

Harmonic Mitigaton 

How to program a Zelio smart relay 

Maximum Demand: Part 1 


Three phase principles: Currents in a Delta connected circuit 

Three phase principles: Power 

 Voltage Drop: Part 1 

 Voltage Drop: Part 2 

 Voltage Drop: Part 3 

Trades - Metals

Grinding and Sharpening Plane Blades and Chisels

How to Read a Micrometer.

Trades - Panel Beating

Machine maintenance (panel beating)

Spot Welder - Workshop machinery operation and safety (panel beating)

Workshop machinery forming rolls (panel beating)

Trades - Tiling

Tiling (Today Show) 

Travel & Tourism

Travel and Tourism: The Billion Dollar Hotel