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Mortar Trades: Industry Videos


This 6-part series gives learners the tools they need to succeed in the industry, teaching them about the industry and the core skills that the construction industry requires. Each video has lecturer resources and transcripts. The full program has segments listed on the right hand side for easy selection.



This video looks at the key aspects of effective communication in construction, including how to ensure verbal, written and visual communication is effective, and receiving communication as it is intended. (2016 - 17:12 mins)

Planning and Organising

Planning and Organising Work

This video begins by examining why planning and organisation is so critical to working in the construction industry and then profiles three people enjoying successful careers in quite different roles within the industry. (2016 - 17:34 mins)

Working Effectivley in the Construction Industry

Working Effectively in the Construction Industry

This video provides an overview of the construction industry – the three main areas of construction: domestic, commercial and civic – the role of different levels of government and the industry’s contribution to the Australian economy. (2016 - 16:04 mins)

Measurements and Calculations

Measurements and Calculations

This video starts with an overview of the types of measurements and calculations typically used in construction, then covers a range of practical examples involving length, area and volume. (2016 - 20:08 mins)

Reading and Interpreting

Reading and Interpreting Plans and Documents

This video looks at the range of various plans and documents that are used in construction and why they are so vital to the work done by all workers on any construction project. (2016 - 20:07 mins)

Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety

This video examines the importance of workplace health and safety in construction, identifying and assessing risk, and various ways in which hazards are controlled on a construction site. (2016 - 16:21 mins)