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We have a range of guides to help staff.

From new library resources to viewing the latest training videos welcome to your site for library help. 

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Albany Campus Library and Bunbury Campus Library

New Class Books?

January 2024

Have you got new class books? Let us know so we can add them to the Library Catalogue.

Albany and Bunbury Campus Library

New Staff Members

January 2024

Welcome to the Team!

Come down to the library to have your Staff ID Card created and discover what Learning Resources we have available.

ID Cards for Regional Campuses can be ordered and collected at Campus Reception

Available to all Staff and Students

ePublication Service
January 2024
South Regional TAFE offers a free digital publication service managed by the Albany Library Team. There are nearly 200 digital titles in the following categories:
  • Professional Journals and Industry Magazines to aid in lecturers' professional development
  • Industry Magazines and Newsletters to help students learn about their field of study
  • Recreational Magazines for entertainment and relaxation
  • Informative Publications to keep you up to date in both specialised and general fields.
Our full list of available titles is on our ePublications page. 

Available to all Staff

New TAFE Resource Developers Guide on Smartcopying Website

January 2024

The National Copyright Unit have released a new copyright guide, please see attached – also available here TAFE Resource Developers Guide.

This guide is designed to assist with creating TAFE teaching and learning materials.


Copyright Flowchart for TAFE

Smartcopying website




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