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Thousands of training videos and documentaries


A range of Occupational Health and Safety videos

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Hundreds of training videos and recorded TV programs


A database of sport and adventure films. Topics include mountaineering, climbing, paddling, kayaking, snow, biking, BASE jumping, paragliding, rapelling, hiking, surfing and caving (please contact your lecturer or library staff for access).


Clickview: Self Management

​Clickview: Self Management
Series: Are You Job Ready?
The ability to work independently is a crucial workplace skill that is noticed and appreciated by busy managers and supervisors. Employees who can set their own goals, manage their time and workload and take responsibility for their actions are invaluable in all lines of work. In the bookshop, the opportunity to earn a promotion in the future interrupts all of Emma’s more urgent short-term goals. Meanwhile, Martin realises that getting a job done quickly rarely means getting it done well when he runs into a smelly situation for which only he can be blamed. In this interactive video, viewers see self-management (and the lack of it!) in action.

Clickview: Planning and Organisation

Clickview: Planning and Organisation
Series: Are You Job Ready?
Organising and prioritising assigned tasks helps employees to work independently and take control of their own time and workload. When tasks are well-planned and ordered by urgency, it is easier to identify when help is needed, which saves time and stress. Emma realises the practicality of a to-do list, Martin learns that there is no shame in delegation and, while Lucy thought she had carefully organised her daily tasks, she hadn’t planned for the unexpected. With interactive scenarios taking place in retail, hospitality and construction settings, this video aims to show students the practicalities of good planning.

Clickview: Learning For Work

Clickview: Learning For Work
Series: Are You Job Ready?
Learning is a lifelong skill. Far beyond their initial workplace training, employees must keep learning to stay up-to-date and adapt to changing technologies. Therefore, recognising individual learning styles is important, as Dan finds out when Emma instructs him on a new responsibility. Meanwhile, Lucy sees an opportunity to increase her skillset and Martin discovers that learning can be a shared journey, not just an individual one. Through interactive questions, students will develop an understanding for the importance of, and practical strategies for, continued learning in the workplace.

What is Clickview?

ClickView is an internet based video streaming service with access available for all staff to: 
educational videos; and
free-to-air television content
Using ClickView
When you’ve logged in, you will see the ClickView website is divided into each of the following sections:
Libraries: holds videos and recordings specifically requested for the SRTAFE collection and are managed by the SRTAFE Library.
Exchange: gives you access to videos from the ClickView wider community. This includes education programs, TV shows and movies that other ClickView customers have in their collections. If you find a video in ClickView Exchange, click the 'Push to Publisher' button and it will be added to the SRTAFE Libraries collection.
Workspace allows you to upload, edit and publish content to your own private area.
Playlists: is a space to collate a personalised list of videos from ClickView resources, the SRTAFE Libraries collection or your own videos.
Free-to-Air TV
The free-to-air television service records the following channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and retains these recordings for 2 weeks: ABC1, ABC2 (Comedy), ABC3 (ME), GWN, NITV, SBSOne, SBSTwo (Viceland) and TEN.
To publish a particular recording and gain access to it using ClickView send a request to the library with the date, channel, time and title of the program. If you need an offline DVD copy, please include this in the request.
If it has it been over two weeks since the TV program aired, it may be available through ClickView Exchange.
To request a recording for clickview please email us.


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