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Knovel eResources: Navigating the Knovel Interface

Knovel resources, searching and personalization


1. Home: Returns you to this page.
2. Browse: Browse all Knovel content by Subject Areas.
3. My Knovel: Save, organize and share your favorite content, queries and data. This is now a floating panel.
4. Property Search: Find material and Property data from interactive graphs and tables.
5. Equations: Find and use engineering equations and worked examples.
6. Unit Converter: Convert units of measure.
7. More Tools: Integration and other tools, including The Excel Add-In, Periodic Table, instructions for downloading the Mobile app: My Knovel ToGo, Add Knovel to the Search bar, Knovel Integrations and Promotional Tools.
8. Search: Search using keywords, title or author.
9. Property Search: Use Knovel query builder to find materials or substances and their properties.
10. Support Center: Visit Knovel’s Support Center to find answers to your questions on using Knovel.
11. Welcome: Update profile details, change your password, access mobile authentication / license and log out.
12. Information Panels: Highlight your recent search activity, newly added content and other featured announcements from Knovel.
13. Explore this page: Explore new or updated features of the page you are on.