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Knovel eResources: What is Knovel?

Knovel resources, searching and personalization

Changes to Knovel - requirement to set up profile

From 30th January, access to all Knovel engineering content may require you to set up a profile.  Once set up, the process should be seamless.  Apologies for the change - this is something the company requires.  If you have any queries, please contact us!

What is Knovel

Knovel provides a searchable database of handbooks, data sets and reference sources in science, technology and engineering. Knovel has data search feature that allows the researcher to find materials that meet specific parameters including physical, mechanical and thermal properties. Productivity tools include interactive charts, graphs, spreadsheets, and equation plotters. Helpers include an interactive periodical table, an Excel™ add-in, a comprehensive unit converter and a My Knovel® ToGo app.

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Our Knovel databases are listed below.  The question mark icon links back to this help page.

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We acknowledge the University of Arkansas and Patricia Kirkwood for allowing some of their guide content to be adapted for use in this guide.