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Knovel eResources: My Knovel® ToGo

Knovel resources, searching and personalization

My Knovel® ToGo

The My KnovelToGo Mobile App is a free app that gives users access to Knovel content at anytime from anywhere. It is available to Knovel subscribers with individual logins.

Features and Benefits

  • Download titles to your device for off-line reading
  • Download up to 20 books per month... no wifi or cell connection required when reading
  • Manage your titles in My Resources page. You may view and remove downloads and saved titles
  • Search for Knovel technical titles using keywords and also search by author
  • Sync saved titles across all your devices and with your Knovel Web account
  • Review the history screen to help find titles you previously downloaded to your device
  • Swipe right to navigate to any page in the app


  • iOS or Android Tablet or Smartphone
  • A Knovel subscription
  • Registered users can use the same login credentials used to log into the Web Knovel account
  • Single-Sign on users may access an Authentication code by clicking on your name or your organization's name in the Knovel web home page

Download App


Follow these steps to download the app onto your mobile device:

  1. Create a MyKnovel account on a college pc using staff or student email addresses and a password of your choosing.
  2. Once successfully created, a confirmation email to the above address is sent, so should access those email accounts while on the college pc.
  3. Click on confirmation email and login to MyKnovel (still on the college pc).
  4. Download the MyKnovelToGo app onto your personal device and sign in using staff/student email address and the password created for the MyKnovel account.
  5. Search, download and read at will (up to 20 per month) via MyKnovelToGo app.  The books you download on your personal device appear on your MyKnovel account on a college pc.

 Please note: You need to be online to authenticate, sync, download and access interactive content.