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South Metropolitan TAFE Library Service: Services for Students

Welcome to the South Metropolitan TAFE Library


South Metropolitan TAFE Students

All currently enrolled students are eligible to borrow from the Library. Your South Metropolitan TAFE Student ID card is also your Library card. Please present this card when using library services. You must have a valid Student ID card to borrow library material.


Students may borrow 6 items at a time.

Collection  Loan Period
Books  3 weeks
DVD/CD  7 days
Journals/Magazines  7 days
Closed Reserve  2 hours

Please note that you are responsible for the safe return of all items borrowed on your card. Borrow for your own use, and don’t allow others to borrow using your Student ID card.

Students studying off-campus have special loan provisions to suit this mode of study. Please see the External students tab or contact the Library for more details.


If the item you want is on loan to another borrower, you may request that we hold the item for you when it is returned.

Speak to Library Staff if you want to place a request.

When placing a Request, select the most convenient pick-up campus. We will contact you when the item is ready to collect


Most items may be renewed once, providing they are not overdue or required by other borrowers. This may be done in person, by telephone, or via Supersearch.

Loans cannot be renewed if:

  • Another student has placed a Request on the item
  • The item has been renewed once previously, or
  • The item is overdue or there are outstanding accounts
Overdue Items

If you keep an item beyond the due date, you will receive a reminder from the Library. Library members with overdue items cannot borrow until all overdue items are returned.

If an item is not returned within a reasonable time, you will receive an invoice for the replacement cost. Library members with outstanding accounts will not be permitted to borrow any further items. Unpaid invoices are referred to a debt collection agency.

Reciprocal Borrowing Rights

South Metropolitan TAFE students are entitled to borrow resources from other WA TAFE Libraries such as North Metropolitan TAFE, also from Curtin and Edith Cowan Universities. Present your current South Metropolitan TAFE Student ID card and enrolment form at the other institution to gain reciprocal rights. The conditions of use will vary at each institution so check before you borrow.

Print, Copy, Scan

Printing and copying are done via a multi-function device (MFD). You may print or copy in colour or black and white, as well as scan.

To pay for your printing and copying, you need to add value to your Student charge account using a six digit PIN. You can add value (coins, notes and eftpos) to your account at any of the kiosks in the Libraries on the main campuses (Bentley, Carlisle, Thornlie, Murdoch, Rockingham and Maritime). This credit will allow you to print and copy.

Print/Copy/Scan  B&W  Colour
A4  $0.20  $0.50
A4 double-sided  $0.30  $0.70
A3  $0.30  $0.70
A3 double-sided  $0.50  $1.00
Scanning  Free  Free

Please remember that all copying must be done in compliance with Copyright requirements.

Need some help with printing and copying (including your PIN)? Ask at your campus library.

Student login

For information on your student login and how to access the student network (e.g. Student Portal, Blackboard, student email) visit the SMT website

If you have forgotten your password, use Password Manager to reset your password. Instructions are available here: How do I Reset my Password?

Cannot reset your password using Password Manager? Contact the library for assistance. Please have your student ID number handy.

Library computers

Library computers are connected to the Library MFD/printer. Learn more about printing and photocopying by asking Library staff.

BYO devices

Instructions on how to connect your own device to the South Metropolitan TAFE wireless network, are available from your campus library and in our FAQs.

BYO devices on the wireless network are not currently able to connect to the Library MFD/printer.

If you are experiencing difficulties, bring your device into the Library and we will assist you.

Charging your devices

Phones and tablets can be charged at the library Chargebars. Chargebars are available in our Bentley, Carlisle and Thornlie campus libraries. We also have a range of phone charge cables to charge your device in the Library.

For other devices, access to power is available in all major campus libraries. Please bring your own cable.

Student ID Cards

All enrolled students are entitled to a South Metropolitan TAFE Student ID card. Your first card is free. Charges may apply for replacement cards.

Your Student ID card is also your Library card. It should be presented to Library staff when you want to borrow items from the Library and to obtain your print & copy code (for more information see the Printing & Photocopying tab).

To obtain a Student ID Card, ask Library staff. You need to bring some form of identification such as a Driver's Licence, Confirmation of Enrolment, or Passport.

If you can't come to a Campus Library see the External Students tab for assistance.

Orientation and Training

We offer a range of training sessions to help you develop your research and library skills.

Library orientation

Orientations to the Library and services may be scheduled by your Lecturers during class time.

You will learn about opening hours, borrowing, printing and photocopying, computer services, student id cards and the library website. A short tour of the facilities is included.

APA Referencing

Referencing sessions may be scheduled by your Lecturers during class time.

You will learn about referencing and plagiarism using the APA (American Psychological Association) Referencing style. You will learn how to find the South Metropolitan TAFE Referencing & Plagiarism online guide as well as our printable APA Referencing Guide.

You can also do our Self-paced Reference It Course.

Using Databases and Other Online Resources

Sessions may be scheduled by Lecturers during class time. Or you can do our Self-paced Find It Course.

You will learn about the benefits of using the online resources provided by the Library service for research. You will be shown how to locate and use them on and off campus. We can demonstrate the basics of searching and refining your searches to retrieve relevant, reliable information in the various database collections, and how to email, print, cite or even save it. We can also demonstrate how to use our online subject guides so you can make the most of our resources.

Services for External Students

The Library Service is committed to providing a quality information and lending service to all students. If you are studying in Flexible, Online or External studies mode, you may be entitled to additional Library services to allow you to take full advantage of the resources offered to support you.

Who can use the service?

All Students who are enrolled at South Metropolitan TAFE are able to use the Library Services on campus. Students who are enrolled in Flexible, Online or External modes, who live outside the Perth Greater Metropolitan Area, and who are unable to visit a campus library, are offered a postal service.

The Perth Greater Metropolitan Area is defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics as the area encompassing the Perth Metropolitan Region, the City of Mandurah and the Pinjarra Level 2 Statistical Area of the Shire of Murray.

Library Membership

All currently enrolled students are automatically registered as a library member. Your South Metropolitan TAFE Student ID Card is your Library card.

How do I get a Student ID Card?

The quickest and easiest way to get an ID card is to come into your home campus library, please bring your enrolment form or some form of ID with you. Charges may apply for a Student ID Card. If you can't visit a campus library, please follow the instructions on the Student ID cards for External Students guide.

How do I access the library collections?

All current South Metropolitan TAFE Students can access Library Services at any one of the Libraries at Bentley, Carlisle, Fremantle, Murdoch and Thornlie Campuses. We also offer a range of online resources which can be accessed from the Find Information tab (above).

Mail Service

If you are unable to visit a campus library and require resources to be mailed to you, please contact the Library by phone or email. Let us know that you are studying by Flexible, Online or External mode, and that you live outside the Perth Greater Metropolitan Area. We will send your requested titles in a padded bag with a free postal return label. Once you have finished with the items, place them back in the bag and attach the free postal return label. Post the bag back to us at your local post box or post office.

How many items can I borrow and for how long?

Flexible, Online and External studies students may borrow the same items as other students, with the exception of closed reserve and reference materials. The loan period is generally one month, although some heavily used items will only be made available for shorter loan periods.

How do I renew items?

Students using the Mail Service may renew items once by contacting the library or via Supersearch (Library Catalogue). If there is a hold request on your item you will not be able to renew it and it should be returned.

Overdue Items

We expect all students to return their items on or before the due date. See details about Overdue Items on the Membership and Borrowing page.

How do I know what books I need?

Your lecturer will provide you with a list of readings or you can search our collection by using Supersearch.

Library Code of Conduct

The South Metropolitan TAFE Library Service operates a number of Campus Libraries, through which we provide a shared study and learning environment for all students. This Code of Conduct describes the responsibilities of all users, to ensure that we work together to provide a pleasant, safe and productive environment for everyone to share.

When using the South Metropolitan TAFE Libraries, please ensure that you:
  • Always bring your Library/Student card when you want to borrow Library items. Never lend your card to others. You will be responsible for any items borrowed against your card.
  • Respect and care for the Library items on loan to you. Loss or damage of Library items may incur replacement costs.
  • Respect the needs of other users:
  • Limit excessive noise, such as loud phone calls or conversations. Phone calls may be taken in the foyer or outside. Please use headphones when listening to audio material.
  • Refrain from marking, removing pages, removing security devices or barcodes, or otherwise intentionally damaging Library items. All South Metropolitan TAFE Libraries have security systems installed to prevent removal of Library items without loan. If the security alarm sounds, please return to the Circulation Desk and assist Library staff to identify the cause of the alarm.
  • Refrain from bringing strong-smelling or messy food into the library. Messy food stains books and furniture.
  • Refrain from intentionally damaging or stealing anyone else’s belongings (and please don’t leave valuable items unattended whilst you are in the Library).
  • Refrain from harassing Library staff or other Library users, and be considerate of the needs of others. Always follow the directives of Library staff, and remember that this is a shared space.

This Code of Conduct supplements the South Metropolitan TAFE Student Code of Conduct, Computer Facilities and Equipment Policy, the BYOD policy and other South Metropolitan TAFE policies. Use of the South Metropolitan TAFE Libraries signifies the agreement with these conditions.

Failure to comply with this Code may result in disciplinary action being taken against you, such as being asked to leave the Library. Persistent or serious matters will be reported to the Manager, Library Services, who may exclude the user from accessing the South Metropolitan TAFE Libraries for a period of time. If the Manager, Library Services considers the seriousness of the offence warrants, the matter may be referred to the Head of the relevant teaching area, or to the Director.

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