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SuperSearch: Personal Folder

Signing In

  • If you are not automatically signed in when opening Supersearch, you can sign in at the top right of the main menu. Sign in using your campus computer network login.
  • Once signed in you can access your library card, renew items that are not overdue,your saved searches and saved items.

My Library Card

  • My Library Card allows you to view-
    • your current and overdue loans
    • your current requests and their status
    • any blocks that may prevent you borrowing, such as overdue loans
    • your personal details such as address, phone, expiry date, borrower category and the types of library notices you will receive.
    • any alerts that may require action by you.

My Favourites

  • My Favorites is accessed by selecting the Pin icon at the top of the Supersearch main menu OR by selecting Saved items from the sign in menu options.
  • Saved Records displays all the individual records you have saved from previous sessions.
  • Saved  Searches displays all the searches you have saved from previous sessions.