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Massage: Session One - Computer Essentials

Welcome to our Computer Essentials Workshops. Session One

Maybe you are returning to study? Or changing careers? These workshops are to support you with essential computer skills. 

The aim is to get your computer worries sorted as soon as possible, so you can really focus on your learning. 

In session 1 we will cover:

  • Passwords and password resets
  • Activate Office 365, 
  • Understanding your Browser 
  • Quick links on North Metro TAFE website 
  • Blackboard login, home screen, student orientation and calendar 
  • Navigating Blackboard
  • Tips when using Blackboard
  • Blackboard Assessments, submit an assessment 
  • My Grades
  • Installing Microsoft Office on home devices 

Each session contains valuable learning resources that you can access at anytime, on or off campus.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio:

Passwords and Password Resets


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

You will need to use your personal password when you activate your Office 365 account. 

This password is the same for all TAFE logins. 

Your password will expire in 90 days, you will receive a message asking you to change your password. 

Having trouble? Forgot your password? It just won't work? - please see the FAQ below or call our TAFE library and they can reset your password over the phone, during their opening hours of course. 

The telephone contact is 9427 1450. 

Activating Microsoft 365

Setting up Microsoft Authenticator using a phone and a PC

Setting up Microsoft Authenicator without the App

Understanding your Browser

It is essential to understand the features and functions of your internet browser. 

We recommend Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. However, you may choose to use another browser such as Safari. 

Below are links to tutorials that have great information on browsing, customising, bookmarking, privacy and security features. It is recommended that you take a few minutes to learn about your browser if needed. Just click on the link below.

Quick Links on the NMTafe Website

The easiest way to access all your programs is using the quick links from the North Metropolitan TAFE website. Open the page, scroll down to the bottom of the page on the left are the quick links. It will look like this:

You could bookmark these links on your browser.

Logging in to Blackboard

The Blackboard login screen looks like this. You may need to login using your TAFE email address which is [studentnumber] and your personal password. 

You will then see the Home Screen. You will find the courses you are enrolled in under Current Training. It looks like this


Another important feature is the Student Orientation information. This is always visible in the top right of your Blackboard screen. This contains all the essential information you need while you are a student including: 

  • While you are at North Metropolitan TAFE
  • Fees, refunds and withdrawals 
  • Your studies
  • Online systems access and support
  • Student support services 
  • Complaints, compliments and feedback 

The screen in the top right hand corner looks like this. 



Student Notice Board

There is also a Student Noticeboard on the Blackboard Home screen that can keep you up to date with what's happening at NMTafe.

Navigating Blackboard

Your "menu" for your course is on the left side of the page. This is an example below. Take time to explore the tabs. 

Now watch this short video on Navigating Blackboard

Tips when using Blackboard


When using blackboard, look out for these common tools. 

1. Attached files. These are below the title and are always in blue. They look like this: 


Just click on the blue document title and the file will download in your browser. Open the file. If you need to find this file again go to File Explorer - Downloads Folder. 

2. Blackboard also uses hyperlinks or weblinks that will take you to another website. You may see this link as box with the new webpage information. Just click on the box, you will be asked to click on the blue link, then the website will open in a new tab on your browser. 

Keeping track of Assessment due dates

By now, you know that you can find your assessment due dates 3 ways;

1. On your learning and assessment plan for each course
2. Using the Blackboard Calendar on the home page
3. Checking My Grades for each course 

Here is a video with some suggestions on how to keep track of assessment due dates. 

Submitting an Assessment

This video explains how to submit an assessment in Blackboard.

Downloading free MS Office 365 to home devices


As a student of North Metropolitan TAFE you have free access to MS Office to use on your home device. This gives you the full version of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint plus OneDrive and Teams on your desktop or laptop.
This is available for both PC and MAC versions. It is essential that you use the full version of these applications to develop your MS Office skills. It is also required for any IT units you will study. Please note that this is part of your TAFE enrolment,  so access will stop when you are no longer a student. 

To access the free download, sign in to your Office 365. On the home page in the top right corner is the Install Office button. It looks like this: