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Copyright for Staff: Linking to Library eResources

This guide provides College staff with information how to on comply with copyright requirements when developing their teaching and learning materials, whether it is in print or online.

Why use Library Databases?

Source:  Yavapai College Library. (2011, September 30). What are databases and why you need them [video]. YouTube.


  • contain journal articles, news, magazines and more.
  • provide quality current as well as historical information.
  • complement other sources of information including books and web searches.

Third Party Content - The Easy Way

  • One of the easiest ways to provide your students with access to information, without the need for complex copyright attributions and notices, is to look at the online resources available from the Library web site


  • Linking in Blackboard to items in the Library's online resources is a quick and easy way to provide your students with access to information.  You can link direct in your Blackboard course. You don't need to do anything except copy the URL and paste the link into your course.


  • Provided that you link (by URL) to the online resource,  you can link to any number of the Library's online resources.  You don't have to worry about the normal copyright restrictions, because you aren't making any copies.


Need some assistance to find information in the Library's online resources or not sure how to add the links? Contact the Library.