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APA Referencing Guide: Artworks & Images

Artworks and Images

Note: This is where you have taken a photograph of an artwork you have seen. The Location is the town or city you were in and the Repository is where the artwork is placed eg. the Gallery or in this example the specific location. 

Reference List

Artist Surname, Initial. (Year). Title of work [Medium]. Repository, Location.

Angus, J. (2011). Grow your own [Sculpture]. Forrest Place, Perth, Australia.

(Artist Surname, Year) 
Place near image (underneath if possible)

(Angus, 2011)

Reference List

Author Surname, Initial. (Year). Title of book. Publisher

Clarke, J. & McCully, M. (2017). Picasso encounters. Clark Art Institute. 


(Author Surname, Year, Page/s)

(Clarke & McCully, 2017, p. 80)

Reference List
Artist Surname, Initial. (Year). Title of work [Type of artwork]. https://xxxx 

Duveneck, F. (1872). Whistling boy [Oil painting].

(Artist Surname, Year) 

Place near image (underneath if possible)

(Duveneck, 1872)

Reference List

Author Surname, Initial. (Year). Title of Image [Image]. https://xxxx

WarbyW. (2010). Maple tree [Image].


(Author name, Year)

Place near image (underneath if possible) 

(Warby, 2010)


Note: Utilise the template below for referencing (but not reproduce) the majority of clip art or stock image. If reproduction of clip art or stock images is intended, securing permission and/or providing a copyright attribution may be required in addition to the reference.


In-text citation
(Author, 2023)
Author (2023)
Author(s). (Year). Title- italicised [ Clip art OR Stock image]. Site name. Web address


Clip art sourced from programs such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint do not need citation, permission, or copyright attribution.
According to American Psychological Association, 2020:
       Clip art :
  • Most clip art does not require permission to produce, but it may require copyright attribution. 
  • For clip art included with a computer program for example Microsoft Word , purchase of the program provides a license for that clip art, and you can use it in an academic paper or scholarly article without a copyright attribution or author-date citation.
  • If the clip art comes from a free clip art website, check the copyright status of the image to determine whether a copyright attribution or citation is needed.
      Commercial stock image / photograph:
  • Unless a stock image has a Creative Commons license or is in the public domain, it is not permissible to reproduce it without purchasing a license from the vendor.
  • Commonly used vendors of stock images are Getty Images, Shutterstock, and iStock.
  • A license usually allows the license holder to reproduce the image without a copyright attribution; however without your own license, you cannot reproduce the image.