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APA Referencing Guide: Government Sources

Reference List

Department/Agency/Author. (Year). Title of publication. https://xxxx

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (2022). Trust in Australian public services: 2022 annual report.


(Department/Agency/Author, Year)

(Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, 2022)  

Note: Use the government department responsible for the report as the author.

Reference List

Corporate Author. (Year). Title of publication: Subtitle (Cat. No. XX). https://xxxx

Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2018). Childhood education and care: Australia June 2017 (Cat. No. 4402.0).


(Corporate Author, Year)

First reference: (Australian Bureau of Statistics [ABS], 2018)

Subsequent references: (ABS, 2018)

Acts of Parliament are also referred to as legislation or statute laws.

Reference List
Title of the Act Year (State eg. WA or Commonwealth ie. Cth). https://xxxx

Work Health and Safety Act 2020 (WA). 47282.html 


(Title of the Act Year, State eg. WA or Commonwealth ie. Cth)

(Work Health & Safety Act 2020, WA)

Note: In a sentence, the Act name and date are italicised

Section 29 of Western Australia's Work Health & Safety Act 2020, states that...