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This guide will point you to resources that will assist with your studies.
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Fee cut for TAFE courses announced at Mt Lawley Campus 2nd July 2020


"While it might be fun, I'm told bingeing Grey's Anatomy doesn't count as training to become a nurse in WA.
But don't stress, because we've just cut fees for Diploma of Nursing courses at WA TAFEs by 72%.
We've now slashed fees for 73 courses that teach in-demand skills, and created 15 new free TAFE Short Courses to upskill WA's workforce." 
Mark McGowan. (2020, July 2).  While it might be fun [Facebook status update].

New Resources

Basic Physiology for Anaesthetists (2019)

The Road to Nursing (2019)

Essential clinical skills (2018)

Foundations of Nursing (2019)

Microbiology and infection prevention and control for nursing students (2016)
Lecturer Recommended!!

Patient Safety for Nursing Students