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Research Skills: Step-By-Step: Analyse

This guide will help you to develop your research skills and better understand the research process.

Understand Your Assessment


  • Have you been assigned a topic or can you pick your own?
  • If assigned a topic, do you need to do some background reading to understand it better?
  • How many pages/words do you need to write? How long is your presentation to be?
  • Do you need to include specific types of sources (e.g. scholarly journal, book, etc.)?
  • When is it due? How much time do you have to research?
  • Is currency of information important?

When in doubt, discuss with your lecturer.

Choose a topic that interests you
and will hold your attention. If you do, your research will be more enjoyable!


Can’t think of a topic?

  • Scan your textbook
  • Peruse current magazines and newspapers
  • Browse encyclopedias
  • Discuss topics with your lecturer, library staff or a fellow student

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Picking your Topic is Research

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