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Research Skills: Step-By-Step: Using Generative AI

This guide will help you to develop your research skills and better understand the research process.

College Position

Central Regional TAFE supports the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence as a tool and enhancement:

  • by students in the learning environment, so students learn how to use GAI effectively and are prepared for its use when they enter the workplace.
  • by students in their assessments, in discussion and guidance with their lecturers on how it is to be used. Students must reference any GAI they have used, just as they would with other sources.

The College will continue to monitor the rapid evolution of this technology and associated applications for students, and we will continue to update this position statement.

More information on using Generative AI can be found in our Library Guide. This guide provides information on:

  • Types of generative AI
  • Ethical and evaluative use of AI
  • How to use and explore various AI
  • Copyright and referencing AI