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South Regional TAFE : Your Library: Library Services for Students

Welcome to our guide on how to use the Library and search online for your subject areas. If you need help, please ask one of the staff.



Library services are available to all current South Regional TAFE students. Your student ID card is also your library membership card. It is valid for the duration of enrolment.

Libraries are located at the Bunbury and Albany campuses. Students at other regional campuses can use SuperSearch to locate items at the Bunbury and Albany libraries and request them through their lecturer or by contacting the Library.

Library membership is not transferrable. To use services, always have your student ID with you. Remember you are responsible for all the library items you borrow. 

How many items can I borrow and for how long?

You can generally borrow up to 6 items at a time for 3 weeks. Some items are in high demand and will have a shorter loan period such as overnight or only 7 days. They will be clearly marked and we will let you know at the time of borrowing when the item is due to be returned.

Can I reserve an item?

Yes for most items. Contact the Library with item details and they will place a hold on for when it is returned. We will contact you so that you can collect the item.

What happens if I don't return items on time?

Borrowed items should be returned on or before the due date. If your loans become overdue, you will receive an overdue notice via text message or email. If you do not respond, you risk losing your borrowing rights, being invoiced for replacement costs or not receiving your study results.

Unpaid invoices are referred to a debt collection agency.

Can I renew loans?

Yes most loans can be renewed provided they are not overdue or required by another borrower. Contact the Library Staff to arrange.

Do I have reciprocal borrowing rights with other libraries?

South Regional TAFE students are entitled to borrow resources from other WA TAFE Libraries, Curtin, Edith Cowan, Murdoch and Notre Dame universities libraries.  

You must have a letter of introduction signed by the Librarian before you contact another library. Each library has its own borrowing conditions with which you need to comply.


STUDENT ID CARDS                       

All enrolled students are entitled to a South Regional TAFE Student ID card.  Your first card is free and can be obtained from the Albany or Bunbury Campus Library. Students and staff at Regional Campuses can order and collect their card at Campus Reception.

Your Student ID card is also your Library card. It should be presented to Library staff when you want to borrow items from the Library and to add credit for printing and copying.    

How do I get a student ID card?

To obtain a Student ID Card, ask Library staff. You need to bring some form of identification such as a Confirmation of Enrolment, Driver's Licence, or Passport.

If you can't come to either Library,  go to the External Students tab for further instructions.

What if I lose my student ID card?

You can get a replacement card from the Albany or Bunbury Campus Libraries. Charges may apply for replacement cards.  




Computers are available in the Library for student use and you are welcome to bring your own device.  There are even laptops available for short term loan.

Are there computers in the library for me to use?

Yes there are computers available for use in the Bunbury and Albany libraries. Library computers are connected to the Library MFD/printer. Learn more about printing and photocopying by going to the Printing & Photocoping Tab or by asking Library Staff. 

Can I BYO my own device?

Sure. Use these instructions to connect your device to the WIFI network.

Instructions on how to connect your own device to the South Regional TAFE wireless network.

BYO devices on the wireless network are not currently able to connect to the Library MFD/printer.

If you are experiencing difficulties, bring your device into the Library and we will assist you.  

Is there a charging station for devices?

Phones and tablets can be charged at the library chargebar using a variety of cables. You are responsible for your device's security.



Printing and copying are done via a multi-function device (MFD). You may print or copy in colour or black & white, as well as scan.

How do I pay for printing?

To pay for your printing and copying, you need to add value to your student charge account, accessible via your student ID card.  

Your printing account will be activated the first time you print or photocopy. A $0.50 credit is placed in your account to get you started.

You can add more credit to your account at the Bunbury or Albany Campus Libraries, at other campus Receptions or through the Pay Station at Albany, Bunbury, Busselton and Margaret River Campuses.

There is a $2 minimum EFTPOS charge when adding credit.

Printing costs?

Costs per page B&W Colour*
A4 single sided 0.05c 0.10c
A4 double sided 0.10c 0.15c
A3 single sided 0.10c 0.15c
A3 double sided 0.15c 0.25c
Scanning Free Free


* with any print job selected to be printed as a colour document, all pages will be charged as colour regardless of its colour content. If you select Auto instead of Full Colour, pages that are only black & white will be charged at that rate.


How to print?

  1. Select SRTAFE Print at the computer.
  2. Check the printer or photocopier settings prior to printing or copying. 
  3. Tap your student ID card and select Print Release.
  4. Select your document and press Print.


Need some help with printing and copying? Ask Library Staff.

Please remember that all copying must be done in compliance with copyright requirements.


We offer a range of training sessions to help you develop your research and library skills. Your lecturer will organise class or library orientation tours.



If you are studying in flexible, online or external studies modes, you may be entitled to additional library services to allow you to take full advantage of the resources offered to support your study.

Who can use the service?

All Students who are enrolled at South Regional TAFE are able to use the Library at the Bunbury or Albany campus. Students who are enrolled in flexible, online or external modes and who are unable to visit a campus library, are offered a postal service.

How do I become a library member?

All currently enrolled students are automatically registered as a library member. Your South Regional TAFE Student ID Card is your library card

How do I get a Student ID Card?

The quickest and easiest way to get an student ID card is to come into your home campus library. Please bring your enrollment form or some form of ID with you. Charges may apply for a replacement student ID card. If you can't visit a campus library, contact your campus administration.

How do I access the library collections?

All current South Region TAFE Students can access library services at either Bunbury or Albany campus.  Access the Library's SuperSearch Catalogue and the extensive range of online resources from the SR TAFE Student Gateway.  

How do I know what books I need?

Your lecturer will provide you with a list of readings or you can search our collection by using Supersearch.

Is there a Mail Service?

If you are unable to visit the Bunbury or  Albany campus libraries and want items mailed to you, please email or phone the Library. Let us know that you are studying by flexible, online or external mode.  We will send your requested titles in a padded bag with a free postal return label. Once you have finished with the items, place them back in the bag and attach the free postal return label. Post the bag back to us at your local post box or post office.

How many items can I borrow and for how long?

Flexible, Online and External studies students may borrow the same items as other students. The loan period is generally three weeks. Some heavily used items will only be made available for shorter loan periods.

How do I renew items?

Students using the Mail Service may renew items once by emailing or phoning the Library. If there is a hold request on your item you will not be able to renew it and it should be returned.

Overdue Items

We expect all students to return their items on or before the due date.  See details about overdue items on the Membership and Borrowing tab. 


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