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APA Quick Referencing: Articles

Referencing Articles from Printed Magazines or Journals

 The information required when referencing an article from a printed magazine or journal:

  • author (surname and initials)
  • year of publication (in brackets) [Note: include year and month for magazine only]
  • title of article
  • name of journal or magazine (in italics)
  • volume number (in italics) 
  • issue number (in brackets)
  • page number(s)

Where to look for information when referencing a printed magazine or journal:

  • on the cover
  • on the second page
  • on the spine

Examples of Printed Articles

Material Type In-Text Reference Reference List
 Magazine   Article   (Marshall, 2008, p. 34)  Marshall, M. (2008, January). Living with volcanoes. National Geographic, 213(1), 34-57.
 Journal Article   (Battersby, 2013, p. 32)  Battersby, S. (2013). Call in the clouds. New Scientist, 218(2923), 32-35.
 Newspaper   Article   (Montgomerie, 2013, p. 2)  Montgomerie, T. (2013, September 16). The decline and fall of Barack Obama. The
, 2.


Examples of Online Articles

Material Type In-Text Reference Reference List
 Online   Magazine   Article  (Metcalfe, 2012, p. 15)  Metcalfe, S. (2012, December). Knowing the needs of refugees. Eureka Street22(12), 13-15.
 Online Journal   Article  (Moran, 2010, p. 39)  Moran, A. (2010). Government warming to a carbon tax. Institute of Public Affairs Review
62(4), 39-41.
 Online   Newspaper   Article  (Haslett, 2011, p. 21)

 Haslett, S. (2011, March 16). Warning system worked but tsunami was too powerful. Western


Printed Magazine



Volume numbers of magazines and journals are placed in italics.

Issue numbers of magazines and journals are placed in round brackets.