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APA Quick Referencing: Online Sources

Referencing a Webpage

The information required when referencing a webpage in a Reference List is:

  • author or sponsor or organisation
  • year of creation or update year (in brackets)
  • title of webpage (in italics)
  • URL (webpage address)

Where to look for information when referencing a webpage:

  • in the header for the title of the webpage
  • in the footer for the author, sponsor or organisation
  • in the footer for the year of creation or update year

Examples of Online Sources Revised

Material Type In-Text Reference Reference List
 Webpage with   Sponsor  (Tourism Australia, 2012)  Tourism Australia. (2012). Plan your event.
 Webpage with   Author  (Payne, 2013)

 Payne, D. (2013). Digital photography tips.

 Webpage no   Date  (Rottnest Island Authority, n.d.)
 Rottnest Island Authority. (n.d.). Rottnest Island history. 
    Hint: If no date is available, place (n.d.) in the date position.
 PDF from   Webpage  (Cancer Council WA, 2011)  Cancer Council WA. (2011). Facts on smoking and lung cancer. 

 Image from   Webpage

 (Kirwan, 2008)  Kirwan, J. H. (2008).Quokka [Image].
 Youtube Clip  (Farmer, 2012)  
Farmer, A. (2012, December 16). Great Barrier Reef [Video].
 ABS  (Australian Bureau of Statistics,   2018)
 Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2018). Childhood education and care: Australia June 2017
          (cat. no. 4402.0).
 eBook  (Bowden, 2008) 

 Bowden, J. (2008). Writing a report: How to prepare, write and present really effective 

 Blackboard  (Robinson, 2018)

 Robinson, K. (2018). Session 4: Communication skills on the telephone. Blackboard.

 Wikipedia  (World War II, 2019)

 World War II. (2019). In Wikipedia.



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APA does not require a retrieval date for online information. 



If a webpage includes the year of creation and the year it was last updated, use the update year.
                        Image courtesy S. Miles